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Brandon retells one of the greatest active shooter takedowns yet:

Holy, this Elisjsha Dicken guy is a G.  Fired 10 rounds into that bozo shooter at 40 yards, and lights out.  The man just wanted to get some cookies with his girlfriend, and turns out he saved a ton of lives.  I hope he loses absolutely zero sleep over anything to do with this situation.  A true hero.

4:50 – Mind blowing that people are angry this guy killed the active shooter.  Doesn’t surprise me that Shannon Watts (from Moms Demand Action) was one of the angry ones.

9:00 – Wow, Brandon offered the build Eli an AKG AK as a token of appreciation.  Very cool.


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From VICE:

On more than one occasion the US Supreme court actually affirmed that contrary to popular belief, the police are not obligated to protect citizens (see DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales).  I don’t really know what the solution here is, when most police are just like you and I.. they do a job for a paycheck and want to live a nice long happy life.  Really makes a person appreciate those who decide to risk all of that, to save a bunch of people they’ve never even met.



Rich Graham with some sound advice:

When I hit play on the video I was crossing my fingers he was going to touch on this… and oh did he ever haha.  Demonstration and all!

The multicam pants with the burnt orange puffer + the olive beanie is a real look he’s serving.  I’m not mad at it.



Train like you fight:

0:06 – Oh lawd… we’re off to a good start *cringe*…. holding her wrist with her support hand.  I’m sure that’s better than nothing, but why not have her do it the correct way?

Maybe I’m a dramatic sensitive snowflake, but if I was little in grade school and someone would have told me “Hey Mikey, you know those violent movies your parents won’t let you watch but you see trailers and previews for all the time?  Yea, well that’s basically real life.  You should be prepared for a madman or even one of your little friends to come in here and MURDER YOU.”  I literally would have never went to school again.

1:57 – Holy shit this is going to be traumatizing… guy walking up with a blue rifle for simulation sake.

2:54 – Whoa this pastor actually told 5 year olds that they are actually “getting ready to die if they aren’t paying attention”.

9:10 – Yoooooo only Thomas Morton would rock the oldschool thick leather belt with the white gripped 6 shooter.

10:00 – Pastor talkin about doing Mozambiques “two to the body one to the head”.  Classic.

10:30 – This former police chief makes a good point.  Stats show that police only have less than 1/3 of the shots they fire hit the intended target in high stress situations.  Teachers could do as good or better?  What happens if they miss their intended target?

I don’t know.. again I don’t have any answers.  I suppose it’s better for kids to be prepared (if you can actually even handle real stress like that and make logical spit second decisions at that age) than be clueless… but man I bet that scares the shit out of a lot of them, despite the fact the delivery of the information from the principal is very calm.

If they are going to all this trouble, they should probably at some point use blank rounds or something similar to show the kids how loud a gun sounds when fired in an enclosed space.



This is some training at Ft. Bragg apparently:

Active shooter "training" at Ft. Bragg. ??? Ok… ? Gat tip: @jose_vx @brandon_herrington via @dwoody14

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Yikes.  I didn’t see VODA there giving instruction… they should have got him to sort this out.



Oh wow:

This shirt is $70, and you should definitely buy it if you like the idea.

You might recognize Aaron Cohen from a post I did yesterday on his TIER 1 Israeli training (which is evidently far too advanced for most of us to understand).  Aaron is so TIER AF, he actually posted this in the comments on one of yesterday’s videos:

In order to comment, you will need to state your name and professional background(Branch, unit/mos/operational experience) or your comment will be deleted. This is a tactigoober-free zone. We’re not interested in hearing your thoughts on on immediate entries, diamond formations, carbine and whatever else you think you’re a master in…we’ve all learned what’s out there and don’t care. We’re here to advance the tactical evolution and advocate a safer and more lethal way of killing terrorists…not bicker with close minded followers who don’t question tactics and only preach what they were taught.

You read it… That’s correct; Aaron doesn’t have time for your bullshit unless you’re an operator.   Oh and check this video out from SHOT show:

Rick-RossIf the first video wasn’t funny enough, here he is in full “costume” (this is an act / character isn’t it?  I sure hope so) getting Larry Vuitton’s opinion.  I laughed when I saw him rip down the pocket to demonstrate the showing of the POLICE patch… but I absolutely lost my shit when Larry was like “CCW (holds up patch), I don’t see any downside to it”.  HAHAHAH too good.  I love how the video is also titled “See what Larry Vickers top-pick product was of shot show 2016″… yeeeaaaaaaaah… not misleading and false at all.

Thoughts?  Would operate in this shirt?  Would rock it with your concealed carry pants and concealed carry neck ID?  Oh and naturally with another gun in your ABDO Holster?

Gat tip: Jacob, no uno