active shooter

Editorial cartoon troll at its finest:

Looks like somebody watched Echelon Conspiracy.

The only thing I’m slightly impressed with is that they managed to capture the essence of the curvature the 7.62x39mm magazine has.  I’m sure that was on purpose *eye roll*.

At least with sights like that the shooter would just be hitting the ceiling.  Although since the rifle has a pistol grip, a high capacity assault magazine and a vertical fore grip (VFG) the damage is bound to be incomprehensible. 


Hat tip: Kev


A DHS-funded video gives tips to survive a shooter:

As far as I’m concerned it’s all valid advice, BUT… they never even mention firearms as a valid means of defense.  Seems like meeting an aggressor that has a gun WITH a gun would be the most valid option.  Oh wait… you’re supposed to wait for the tactical response team with guns to plan and enter 30 minutes later right? *eye roll*

Just use a piece of shit lunchroom chair or a fire extinguisher to incapacitate the guy LOL.  Yea, because that’s worked so often in the history of active shooters.

Keith points out the reason for this stupidity at the 1:00 mark.  This video was filmed in Houston, TX and like many locations scattered throughout the country they like to disarm people for no particular reason:

I think i’m going to register in a Tactical Fire Extinguisher course, or maybe get my Open Chair Carry Permit.  You know… just in case.


Hat tip: Keith