Andy Samberg wants to do more action scenes:

conan-obrienDAT trigger discipline.  Muzzle discipline could use work though haha.  Good choice with the Glock…. oh noEs it’s one of those machine gun high capacity assault Glocks though.

All in good fun.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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39 movies worth of mofos trying to kill Bruce Willis:

Bruce-Willis-Die-HardThis guy is one Hollywood actor who doesn’t give a shit about what his gun-ban-bandwagon colleagues think.   He speaks his mind… just google his comments if you’re not familiar with the things he has said in the past.

Thoughts?  When is the “Demand A Bruce Willis Ban” campaign coming out amirite? :P


Because Jim Carrey is apparently still relevant:

I’ll admit I liked Ace Ventura, and The Mask back in the day.  I can’t wrap my head around how he figures it’s incomprehensible someone would by an “assault rifle” for protection or even for recreation.  Last time I checked, there are millions of AR-15s out there that haven’t been used to kill innocent children.  You really need to keep an eye on those things though… they could sneak away and do bad things when you’re not looking.


I doubt Jim Carrey is famous enough to have armed security anymore, but you never know. Granted they likely wouldn’t have “assault rifles” but I’m sure they would carry assault handguns with assault clips.



I like Brad Pitt more and more every time new info comes out about him.

DailyMail interviewed him and asked some hard hitting questions about his thoughts on guns, gun laws, violence etc.. and here are some of his answers:

When asked about violence in film, specifically Killing Them Softly (one he produced):  

“It’s a violent world we live in, I don’t agree with trying to hide that or cover it up.”

Interestingly enough the article states that was before the Aurora CO James Holmes killings, and Pitt stood by what he said when they asked him the question again after.

He doesn’t believe US gun laws should be changed:

America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong.

I got my first BB gun (a type of air gun) when I was in nursery school. I got my first shotgun by first grade (aged six), I had shot a handgun by third grade (aged eight) and I grew up in a pretty sane environment.

I was in the UK when the shootings happened and I did hear the discussion about gun control start again, and as far as I know it petered out as it always does.  It’s just something with us. To turn around and ask us to give up our guns… I don’t know, we’re too afraid that we’re going to give up ours and the bad guys are still going to get theirs. It’s just in our thinking. I’m telling you, we don’t know America without guns.

If you have time you should read the entire article over at DailyMail.  Also noteworthy is the fact that Pitt apparently spent £250,000 (~$400,000) on a shooting range and armory at their Southern France house (hahah yea definitely enough room for one here), as a wedding present for his fiance Angelina Jolie.

What’s not to like about this guy?


If you haven’t seen those movies make sure to buy or rent them ASAP:



Miami Vice:

Michael Mann doesn’t mess around when it comes to firearm related realism. If you guys have any more vids for me to add to this list let me know.

AHHHH Val Kilmer called magazines clips in the Heat video haha.

It’s pretty neat to see how seriously some actors (and directors) take their craft.  Doesn’t hurt to be paid millions of dollars too though.


Dual wield scenes from some popular movies:

New York Reload holsters are paramount when carrying to dual wield.