Sig really strikes the primer with this one (har har har):

Sig-P320-CommercialNice one.  I don’t know anything about the pistol, but I like the commercial.  Looks like a copy of a Glock to me, because yes all polymer frame striker fired pistols are Glock copies to me.

They have a website called Sig Evolution you can check out if you wish. I have to admit that MPX looks pretty sweet.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Using yoga pants to sell a firearm:

S&W-M&POk so what I got from that it’s good for wear with yoga pants and dad wear.  Good looking out S&W for actually listening to customers!

Initially I thought the commercial was headed in the direction of the sexualized Glock 42 commerical I blogged about a while back.



Not you, you regular-joe peasant:

I don’t know what these guys problem with that plane is, but they appear to have a fair amount of speed and a significantly low drag coefficient.  Hell they’re even wearing Kryptek Typhon camouflage, which is known to increase operational success by 30 – 40%.

Maybe that was Cliven Bundy’s private ranch jet, and they are the BLM coming for their taxes?

glocknade0:54 – Did he throw a .40 Glock?  Is that was exploded?  hahahha easy joke I know.

Thoughts?  Do you still like your military style police polymer assault pistols as much as I do?


Another in a long unimpressive line of Somebody Picked The Wrong ____ commercials:

Here’s an extended version which makes a bit more sense:

What’s with the audio not matching up with the lips?  I’m pretty sure it’s not lag either, they don’t seem to be saying the same thing at all.

That’s definitely R. Lee Ermey’s real life girl and dog.

Glock-R-Lee-Ermey-GirlfriendAs I’ve said before, I’m really not impressed with the current state of Glock marketing.  I have CONFIDENCE they will attain PERFECTION sooner or later though.



Not sure if post-Apocalypse or current day Detroit:

I know Detroit isn’t mountainous, but I’m assuming those could be piles of garbage and composting human remains.

1:21 – Oooo yeah.  That’s a pro-tip if I’ve ever seen one.

Not one of PWS’ best videos, but hey it’s gun related content for free and looks like it may be continued… so I’ll take what I can get.  P.S. Sweet keyhole pattern on the quadrail brAh.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerOnly a couple more days until Half Cocked (their much anticipated cartoon) debuts… I’m pretty pumped.



People say it was rejected because of “firearms”, but I’m skeptical.  Take a look:

Here’s what MrColionNoir has to say about it:

Seriously that was one of the shittiest commercials I’ve ever seen.  Funny thing is that until the narrator mentioned “protection” I actually thought it was an ad for whatever garbage Ford SUV the guy was driving, and I was annoyed that YouTube “Skip Ad” countdown didn’t pop up.  Daniel Defense should be ashamed they didn’t come up with anything more creative… hell right off the top of my head put spokesman Larry “The LAV” Vickers on a clydesdale horse, shirtless, galloping in slow motion, eating cheeseburgers, holding an American Flag, and that would have been a billion times more memorable and effective.   P.S. – That idea was free in case you want to step your game up in 2014 Daniel Defense.  I also would consider a temporary TV ad consulting position if I’m not busy.

Larry-Vickers-The-LAVI don’t like / watch sports… better things to do like nap and eat.  When are doctors and engineers going to start getting football level salaries?  That would be a perfect world.  Although, incorporating advertising into those two professions to fund that might be a bit difficult ;)