adobe after effects

This one irritated me. Not only were the claymores wireless, but there were some big continuity issues with them appearing and reappearing, changing spots etc… Don’t even get me started on the fact the effect they had on the bad guys was minimal.

There were also other sloppy things that annoyed me, such as at 58 seconds when he removes a full mag, takes it behind his back and re-inserts it into the gun for the reload.

I know the videos are supposed to be fun, and 99% of the people watching them don’t know or don’t care if they are even remotely accurate, but this particular video I just didn’t like.  I can overlook the fact that none of his videos have ejecting brass in them, and the physics are always greatly exaggerated.


LOL that is one of the best ones yet.  Freddiew is the man.

Seriously, where can I get a Glock like that?  They should make “J” (Joker) editions of all their guns.


Nice job with the after effects. Looks like that would have been a lot of fun to make.

“No Clip” on the checklist at the very start of the video *facepalm* haha burn on me… I haven’t heard that term since Doom! I remember there was a “no clipping” code now that you guys mention it. Thanks!

Hat tip: Raeshawn