advanced warfare

Partnered up with Call of Duty. This is cool:

Call of Duty ® Advanced Warfare and Uber partnered up with a powerful new class of rideshare vehicles: military-grade APCs. The Cyclone Armored Personnel Carriers featured combat armor plating, curb weight of 17,000 lbs, and 6.7L turbo diesel engines released 800 lb-ft of torque and took to the streets of LA during the week of E3.

Wow, Call of Duty has quite the marketing budget.  They have been talking about this for almost a year now I swear.  It still doesn’t come out until November 4th of this year.  Note to self: Invent something pre-teen parent’s basement dwellers throw money at.

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareIt would be cool if uber let you pick armored cars in general.  PreTHish CarGOOOO Comin’ threwwwwwwww  ahahah I slay myself.

Thoughts?  Would operate with despite the fact you probably think Advanced Warfare is going to be a pile of shit?


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The amount of detail and money poured into these games is incredible:

I still can’t get over how real digi-Kevin Spacey looks.  I’m sure there are some really tedious and repetitive things that need to be done to add realism to these games, but working on such a project doesn’t seem like your “average” job.

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareHopefully this game doesn’t disappoint you guys who are looking forward to it.  A lot of skepticism seems to surround these releases now.



A virtual Kevin Spacey tells us what’s up:

Looks like he’s had some work done. Holy the weapons and the vehicles look high tec.

VICE takes a look a the implications of Private Military Companies (PMCs):

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareInteresting stuff.  

Are people excited for this game?   Damn I see it comes out November 4th, 2014… that’s a while yet!