after effects

From the Panasonic GH4:

The video looks damn good to me.  haha @ those after effects though.

I posted this mainly because DigitalRev TV is an awesome YouTube channel for photography related videos.  The main guy on there was actually one of the primary reasons I bit the bullet and bought the Canon 60D camera a while back.  Definitely not something I regret.

AirsoftI can hardly wait until 4k monitors come way down in price, and preferably Apple releases a large 27″ or greater one.  That will likely push me to sell my iMacs and cop a Mac Pro.


Hat tip: Kurt


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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These are very well done:

Really neat idea and the attention to detail is great.  

Chalk flame thrower, hell yea!  See how they made part 1 and part 2 if you’re interested.  What a lot of work.

Reminds me of Cardboard Warfare (See 1.01.5, and 2.0 if you’re not already familiar)



This is the 4th one in the series:

You can check out the rest of them you Youtuber Andyax’s channel – HERE

I didn’t post the other 3 because they are pretty slow moving, and not as well done.

Neat concept.


Apparently this homage to the video game Battlefield:

I don’t game… killer vid though.  Corridor Digital is arguably the best youtube VFX group currently out there.

Hat tip: Bryan


I’m a big fan kinetic animation:

The company is Setpoint Ammunition.

I just checked, and lucky there are safeguards on the recipes. I’d hate for someone to think they know what they are doing, and ask for 200 grains of powder etc.. in a .308.

Do I have a use for such a service?  Not at all… but I think the idea is awesome.  Although I do have a feeling a lot of people that require such custom ammo, either compete and have it made for them, or else they make it themselves.  I could be wrong though.

What do you guys think?


Clowns I could do without…

…mimes I hate!

They have such a smugness to them, which makes videos like this (from the movie Reno 911?) pretty satisfying to watch. :P