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They released yet another trailer:

Hitman-four-1911-handgunsYep… I still want to see it in all it’s four 1911 glory.  This latest trailer actually shows it’s even more intense than I originally thought.

In Theaters August 21th, 2015.   You guys seeing it? Damn Hitman even knows how to market it with that vid still huh? :P

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Holy shit I want to see this:

Quinn from Homeland FTW!  Definitely one of the best characters on that awesome show.  Strong opening with the Jimi Hendrix voodoo chile riffs.

0:29 – FOUR 1911s!  hahah what’s up with the two upside down ones that are permanently muzzling him though?  Someone who plays these games care to give some insight?


1:34 – I know to most people it’s probably not a big deal, but when I see a blank in a movie a piece of me dies :(  With all the video post production editing done in 2015, that would be such an easy fix especially for closeups where it’s real obvious:


Yea I’ll be seeing this.  Related side note, I don’t know what it is about Zachary Quinto but that kid kind of irritates me.  I didn’t like him on Heroes either.