Ahoy back at it:

That smooth narration voice though.  I’ve never shot a P90, but they sure look cool / weird.  A lot of interesting info in this video regarding armor piercing etc..

4:19 – I didn’t realize how much the NATO logo looks like the Stone Island logo haha.

I don’t even want to google how much 5.7mm ammo is, but I’m sure it’s ridiculous.


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Ahoy back at it:

If you’re interested in the M60 you should watch the video. Nothing really much to say.


Ahoy takes a look:

tommy-gunYea it’s always a good time when Ahoy blesses the Tube.



Ahoy is back with another firearms related video:

FN-FAL-Call-Of-DutyHe always does a good job on these vids.  Ahoy actually did a previous FN FAL video for the Call of Duty series way back in 2011.


LOL Ahoy killed it right out of the gate with this one:

Basically if you don’t at least respect the 1911, you should just gtfo. :P   BROWNING DID 1911… Ahoy knows.

I hope someday I’m just casually getting a coffee somewhere then all of the sudden I hear something like “Miss, I would like two earl grey donuts and a large Americano.  That absolutely remains my favorite” *in Ahoy voice*… that would be dope.  I’d probably see if he would record a new voicemail greeting for me.

P.S. It occurred to me that “Savage Arms” with the Native American logo is actually pretty damn racist (in theory anyway).  Was there some sort of Native American / Savage Arms truce I don’t know about?  Do Native American’s not care?  Do they care, but does Savage Arms not give a shit?  Do they get a pass for being founded in 1894?  That last one is my guess… but these are the questions on my mind tonight.  Someone fill me in if you know.

Gat tip: Adrian


Ahoy is on it:

Shark-UZIThat’s a good looking design for sure.

5:13 – “It is the perfect choice for a drive-by shooting”  haha oh no he didn’t!

Shark Uzi!  Yea that actually happened.