Ahoy with the history and dat accent:

You know I love that guy’s vids.  Great vector graphics as usual.

haha 3:40 he mentions Predator and T2.

Anyone who uses Wolfenstein and Doom to support their thesis is good with me. *daps*

Minigun-Wheelchair-26:45 – “The soft whirr of the electric motor; the prelude to a cacophony of carnage.” <— Well put.

Remember minigun wheelchair (pictured)? haha

Question for you guys.. with the high rate of fire on these things does the brass get deformed at all when it’s ejected so aggressively?


Ahoy takes a look at the history in real life and video games:

“What does a battle rifle have in common with a microwave?  They both go ping when they’re done” <– har har harrrr

Either he’s pronouncing the names of all these guys (designers) wrong…. or I have been for years.

m1-garand-thumbNo mention of M1-thumb? Weaaaaaak ;)  Maybe he figures everyone know how to avoid it?



Xbox Ahoy look at double barrel shotguns in real life and video games:

Always nice to watch this guy’s vids in 1080p with some popcorn.

Doom-Video-Gamehaha DOOM II was so legendary, I loved that shotgun.

Holy I’m so out of touch with video games.  I hadn’t seen or heard of so many of them shown in the video.