LOL this guy is a menace:

0:53 – Ahhhhhhhgggggg the testing of which lego bricks hurt the most to stand on 😂😫

3:j35 – LOL the extendo.

He also made a NERF gun that shoots him in the face:

Cool to see kids doing engineering stuff like this for fun rather than just mindlessly scrolling the internet.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Actuate claims “99%+ accuracy and minimal false positives”.  The intersection of technology and guns very much interests me.  I’m sure we’ll see more and more of this type of system deployed within large companies and within city surveillance.  Regardless of if it actually saves any lives, it will definitely look good on paper to a lot of decision makers.  The above video states that Actuate technology is deployed in nearly 20,000 cameras across the country.

Destin from Smarter Everyday did a cool video on this same type of thing a while back.



These guys wrote some ai / machine leaning type gun detection software:

Cool… however it’s kind of at the stage where it’s already too late if a gun is out in an active shooter type situation.  I suppose depending on the exact scenario it could provide some much needed warning to save lives.

The decision to not detect guns underneath clothing was a respectable one for numerous reasons, including not playing into the much perpetuated myth that everyone who isn’t law enforcement that carries a gun needs to be accounted for.

5:07 – Interesting how they trained it by pulling frames out of movies and other videos with guns being held in them.  Pretty standard as far as this type of thing goes, but it’s interesting to see it used in the realm of firearms.

8:00 – They get into the fact that the quality of the camera and the speed of the processor are Achilles heels of the system.

Thoughts?  You completely ok with indoor and outdoor cameras, and other systems analyzing everything about you when you’re out in public?  I’m not, and it’s not because I don’t like safety, it’s because mass surveillance is nosy and intrusive.


Naturally, idiots lost their minds over this:

“OH NO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL KILL US ALL” they yelled.  Engadget talked to Alexander Reben (the guy who did this); and found out he used a control relay that usually turns on a lamp, linked it to a Google Home speaker, then connected a laundromat change-dispensing solenoid to pull a string that looped around the trigger.  Yea so not exactly a simple drop in solution intended to be added to all your guns.

It was only a matter of time before someone did this. Can you imagine if he would have used an AR-15 instead of a BB gun? Since I like when the anti-gun beehive gets poked, I actually kind of wish he did 😂.