Remember this?


Yea that’s Chris Costa’s HIV(E) satchel which I made tons of fun of for its obvious derpyness, then he released it in an even flashier version which I made more fun of.  I even speculated at one point that someone was on board at Blue Force Gear doing a masters thesis on shark jumping when they released even more ridiculous color combos.

Well you can imagine my shock when this email started coming through from people:


The above is a pic, so if you want to follow the actual link to the “last call” page click here.  OH LAWWWWWWD only the $50 tier is available now!  Looks like someone thought $5 to $40 was a good price to spend on a halloween costume or a gag gift for a tactical friend.

Well at least Costa seems to be learning from his mistakes somewhat.


Hat tip: Beau, Rush, Pierre,


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