Pretty simple to build.  The full-auto is a nice touch.

That would inflict some nice damage on nuisance birds like crows and pigeons. Not to mention it would also be real quiet for city use.


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M-1000s are hardly dynamite by the traditional definition, but seeing as they got them from China town, they might have more than the usual amount of explosives in them.

Doesn’t look like those hipsters will be surfing the web for indy music, ironic t-shirts, and raybans anymore with that mac.


Located on the U.S. Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan

Link to the map – HERE

I always considered Batman to be more of a “skunkworks” kind of guy. Whatever pays the bills though I guess… the batcave must be a bitch to keep warm in the winter.


haha those guys are gonna be pissed! Hopefully they are all OK.


The Hoppe’s No. 9 Air Freshener will be available at your favorite sporting goods and/or hunting store and will sell for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Hoppe’s website – HERE

As the saying goes… using Hoppe’s as cologne (or an air freshener) may not attract many girls, but it will attract the right kind.

I tell you, that smell beats the pants off BreakFree CLP. Whenever I get a whiff of CLP now all I can think of is almost passing out after an unfortunate ventilation incident where I likely lost a few million braincells.  I’m sure Hoppe’s is just as deadly in unventilated rooms, I just never had a similar bad experience with it.


Almost a century ago and without the aid of any pixel-generating computer software, the itinerant photographer Arthur Mole (1889-1983) used his 11 x 14-inch view camera to stage a series of extraordinary mass photographic spectacles that choreographed living bodies into symbolic formations of religious and national community. In these mass ornaments, thousands of military troops and other groups were arranged artfully to form American patriotic symbols, emblems, and military insignia visible from a bird’s eye perspective. During World War I, these military formations came to serve as rallying points to support American involvement in the war and to ward off isolationist tendencies.

More Info – HERE

Lots more pictures – HERE

*Click them to view full-size*
(The photographs appear to be on display at the Hammer Gallery in Chicago, IL)

Simply amazing; the use of perspective is incredible. It would be neat to see this done again.

I wonder if there was a lot of complaining back then? I’m sure there would be plenty today if soldiers were ordered to be involved in this type of project.