LOL the camera guy hosed him.  There was a YouTube video of the patch burning done by the kid Landyn Millard, but he has since removed it likely due to a backlash of wedgies, swirlies, and wet willies.

Airsoft-Bullet-Time-ShootingI love how like 90% of the people in the video just stay standing in the same spot and looking back and forth and back and forth.

Shouldn’t have burned his patch bro.

Thoughts?  You think this airsoft shit is a game?  It’s not homie… like I said in the intro, BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT. ;)


So user friendly, even old fat white guys can handle it:

USB-Computer-Controlled-Airsoft-BB-TurretI probably should have taken another post-Thanksgiving day off, because every video I watched to blog about I found physically painful.  Life is tough haha.


Chris Costa does Japan a second time:


LOL you just can’t make shit like this up.  His first visit caused so much lustful Asian boy hype, that it was obvious a second one was going to be on the books sooner than later.

If you missed the memes from the first or when he shook his tactical tush on the catwalk and dropped it like it was a hot pot (to OOOOOOOOOOOs from the crowd) make sure you catch yourself up.  Oh and you can watch footage of him playing airsoft too which is amazing.   Hopefully he meets up with the airsoft dance girl this time and does a duet or something.

Thoughts?  I’m counting on copious amounts of shark jumping and memes coming out of this second trip, what about you?  The Costashian eats that up too, so I’m sure he will be spear-heading some meme worthy content guaranteed to go viral in the community.

Gat tip: Thomas


The only reason people are freaking out over this is because the kids are black:

As you guys know I don’t have kids, nor are there any kids I ever hang around so I don’t know what’s acceptable anymore.  Sure if you “pretend” this is a real gun then it’s quite disturbing.  Growing up, my friends and I did and said things that were 100x more offensive and violent with our plastic guns.  I’m white and had blonde hair and blue eyes back then though, so maybe that gave me a pass?  It was the 80s / 90s too so that definitely helped.  We all knew we were playing with toys, and we were acting out things we saw in movies so It didn’t really matter.  Are parents supposed to lecture kids to properly handle a toy gun as if it were real in 2015?  Kids can’t pretend to be kids, and let their imagination run wild and execute everyone with their little airsoft gun, go drink some ice cold kool-aid, and eat cookies until their stomachs hurt?  That’s a childhood.  What’s next, telling a kid they have to be responsible with their Hotwheels vehicles, and drive them around with care because “cars can take lives”?  GTFO of here.  Oh and if you’re playing with the imaginary cooking set, “make sure you don’t make hotdogs or anything with GMO in it little Mikey, because that stuff is bad and will kill you”.

Playing-With-Airsoft-GunCameras on cellphones, the internet, and the quickness people can post stuff online is obviously a major change from when I grew up.  Heck in the pre-internet era, I highly doubt my dad and mom would have let me lug around their $1000+ VHS camera and record my shenanigans, even if I wanted to.  If they did, who else would have saw it?  Definitely no one who wasn’t already over at the house.  Now when someone posts something online, it’s there forever for people to pass around and critique.  Not even deleting the video that was originally uploaded would get rid of it permanently at this point.


Gat tip: Marco, Lance


They had 45 minutes with the “real steel” before mom finished watching dancing with the stars and made macaroni and cheese:

0:09 – We’re of to a decent start with some downrange camera work.  Looks like the cameraman is off to the side, standing on the berm and likely zoomed it… but still not something I would do.  Shooter is all up in that gun vise like a real G. Full camo, knee pads, helmut, vest, and all just wishin’ an operation he could operate it would pop off at any moment.

0:56 – Ooooh burn, tried to put the magazine upside down in the magwell.  Oh well whatevs.  Wait a minute though… is he just emptying rounds into the berm?  No targets at all?  Innnnnnnteresting.

1:32 – Well that whole sequence was semi-painful to witness

1:38 – Oh wheeee more berm shooting complete with derp scan at 1:51

1:55 – Cinder block shooting with another derp scan.

Airsoft-Airhard*shrug* whatever floats your boat I guess.  Everyday, I realize more and more that I need to invest in Ammunition manufacturing companies and cigarette companies.  There is just never going to be a shortage of people who will burn through both ammo and cigarettes by the look of it.

You can check out their airhard operations on their YouTube channel OP3.


Gat tip: no uno


haha this is great:

costa-japan-memeJapanese-Airsoft-DanceWhat’s the over/under on her being a Costa fangirl?  I can’t speak Japanese, but did she say anything in the video about having his love child?  She’s definitely doing all his signature moves.

0:42 – Definite “Remove Before Flight” tag on that left boot.  haha

Man, Japanese girls are just a whole new level of quirky.  I notice that on the online dating sites too… I click the profiles and I’m always like “LOL wtf?”, even looking past the multiple hand peace signs they do in every picture.

LOL just revisited these Costa memes too… so great.

Thoughts?  Would jump sharks dynamically in Japanese waters with?

Gat tip: no uno