TheAKguy takes a blowtorch to it:

haha definitely worth another hole in the ozone layer :P.

ak-47-t-shirt-endo-ak-guyIf you like seeing stuff melt, someone melted a Glock magazine a while back too which unsurprisingly yielded similar results.  For some reason though this AK-74 magazine definitely seemed drier… like it didn’t want to actually melt as much as just break into pieces and smolder.  Interrrrrrrdasting.

The AK Guy is wearing the AK-47 t-shirt I painstakingly hand painted.  Well I painted the original design, but not every shirt.


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Bruh.  Bruhhhhhhh:

Ok first of all I know this video is for kids, but setting up hypothetical situations like “How many iPhones it would you have to carry in your pocket in order for them to save your life?” is dumb considering you wouldn’t carry them in your pocket 4″ apart in a horizontal line.  Anyhow…

0:57 – I know some of you “parallax” advocates are going to tell me he’s actually 30 yards away (ROFL)… but he’s not.  He’s seriously like 3ft max.

Wait for it…. wait for it….

1:10 – AHHAHAHHAHA worst shot ever for being that close.

2:14 – Flukes a center shot. :P

Shoot-iphones-closeThe shooter is EverythingApplePro on YouTube.  I didn’t bother watching his other videos, but he has almost 650k subscribers so he must be doing something right.



Nice looking rifle, but look at that tumble 0:28:

Larry-FieriYou guys commented on the bullet tumble in a previous video Larry Fieri put out, and frankly I figured once more people pointed that out the video would disappear and get re-edited and re-uploaded.  Well that didn’t happen and they obviously don’t care because they used the footage again in this video.  Could it be strictly a bullet issue?  Sure… but hardly a selling feature at first glance.

Man AKs have a lot of wobble.  There’s beauty in the wobble though amirite?  Thoughts?

On another note, I tagged Guy Fieri in the post picture, within about an hour it was removed from his “tagged photos” page.  Mission accomplished.  He saw it haha.


Bumpski (god I hate that name) and a Saiga AK-74:

FPS-RussiaSeems like the M.O. now is just to use gun X with accessory Y and shoot some paint, and softdrink bottles… oh and chickens this time.  I still like seeing the shooting so I watch them, but as I’ve been saying every time lately… this IS NOT the old FPSRussia.

Looks like the AK Bumpski (is that Ukrainian?) goes for $449, and the AR-15 one goes for an additional $250.  You better have loads of money to spend on ammo after that purchase! :P



Why disarm when you can just embarrass them by unloading their rifle for them?

What a tactical pimp slamp, send my condolences to the game.  Dimiti nailed it!

Am I correct in assuming “HHHNNNNNNNNNaya” is just a sound effect Russia, like it is here?

Frank-Lee-Chalkboard-Russian-Tigger-PoohI half feel like buying some pointy cowboy boots, setting up a camera and attempting to roundhouse kick an AR-15 magazine release, then drop kicking the charging handle back.  Yea it would probably look awkward and wouldn’t be feasible in real life.  But like this is feasible outside a Hollywood action movie either?

Thoughts?  Currently adding to operational skills for future operations?

Hat tip: Krystian


A politically-loaded experiment involving a man walking through central Moscow with a replica of an AK-74 assault rifle has hit the Russian blogs. Not a single police officer reportedly stopped or questioned him.

Pavel Tarasov, apparently armed with an openly displayed automatic weapon, strolled through central Moscow, while Vadim Tsibankov took photos of him standing right next to police officers. Vadim describes the experience in a report which is currently top of the Russian blogosphere.

The blogger’s site – HERE

Full Story and more photos – HERE

In Soviet Russia, replica AK muzzle sweeps EVERYONE!

From what I can gather, open carry isn’t legal in Russia, so the fact no one batted an eyelash is interesting.  If you ask me, that’s the way it should be though.  The guy was just chilling with his buddies by the look of it, so even if it was real a real firearm, he obviously wasn’t a threat.  I’m so sick of the “only police should carry guns” mentality.  Thankfully even the people in the US that believe that nonsense still have to put up with a growing number part of the population that can’t afford armed security 24/7 so they decide to protect themselves.