AK Guy


haha I’ve seen so many YouTube vids and real life occurances where guys are doing it wrong in one or more of the ways he outlines.

  • Shoulder blasters
  • The creep
  • The non-instructor
  • The Polenar Tactical (haha haven’t seen this one in real life thankfully)
  • The Mother

guns-tax-return-girlfriendWhat’s your favorite?  I love seeing the creep being done, mainly because it’s so awkward and usually the girl isn’t into it at all which makes it especially hilarious.  The creep is also one of the least dangerous to onlookers, so that’s always a bonus.

Cute girl. 2015 seems to be the year of everyone having girlfriends. I’m over here like MOMMMMMMMMMM MORE SQUID INK CHEETOOOOOOOOOOs!