Ak operators union

A video by rapper Robb Skee:

Prompted this photoshop by Mrgunsngear to put AK Operators Union Rob’s pic in the mix:


Yea yea yea I know a lot of you don’t like rap, but there are guns in this video so at least it’s related to the blog topic and your interests.

0:53 – DID THAT PISTOL JUST TOUCH HIS SHOULDER?! haha #NeverShoulderNeverForget

0:55 – Ruger wit da EXTENDO

1:00 – “If it’s more than 50 shots in the clip then it’s a K (AK)” – Not entirely true but he does have a drum mag on his particular AK pistol so I’ll let it slide.   Trigger discipline in the hood isn’t taken as seriously as I’d like it to be.  His buddy in the back with the AK pistol is about to ND as well.

1:01 – Trigger discipline on point here.  Maybe it only applies to rifles in the hood.  Someone chime in and let me know in the comments.

3:14 – MAC trigger discipline is stellar.


Gat tip: J


AK Operators Union:

Wow, sometimes you don’t know your life is missing some live rounds fired next to you in the dirt until you see it happen to someone else in a video.  The internet is funny like that.

I’m not even going to go out on a limb and guess the negative tier level of these AK operators in training, it would just be disrespectful.  Lets just say their drag coefficient is almost zero.

AK-Operators-Union-Training0:47 – Holy, that is really damn close.

Thoughts?  Would train with?


This video is nothing if not thorough:

Stained-Glass-AK-47You guys know how much I love machining and build videos.  I don’t know anything about AKs compared to ARs, so this really was cool to see.

Definitive Arms seems v legit from what I’m seeing.  6:37 when the machinist said “We owe it to the reputation of that AK to make them as best we can”, I was like MONICA.