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🗨️*Pop-up Video info nugget* This music video was so sweaty, Britney had to use dummy rounds during the live fire scenes. The surplus ammo on set was slowing down filming due to crippling rust induced malfunctions.

Naturally everyone on Instagram got the joke… but Facebook you ask?  Yea as expected there were a couple who didn’t.  Oh well you win some and you lose some in the fire-captions game.

It didn’t even occur to me until someone pointed it out, but probably a lot of my followers don’t even know what Popup video is.  Wild.  I guess I should be surprised though, since I’m old enough to have Royal Nonsuch as my former future step son.


Here’s the original video in case you want to check it out:

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Brandon’s reaction to the original Forgotten Weapons video.  He goes through the entire video so you can probably skip watching that original linked video:

Ruined Brandon’s day… you hate to see it.  Not being an AK guy to the level that Brandon is… I still cringed over and over and over.



Brandon is crazy:

I didn’t crunch the numbers regarding the actual physics of this test fire, but I always cringe when guys do unsafe stuff in videos.  Royal Nonesuch at Mattv2099 were some of the OGs in that game.  Neither got hurt though, so maybe I’m just too scared.

I’m looking forward to seeing those AK-50 updates. I wish I could say I was excited about the Gun Meme reviews… I live that every day, so for me its just a re-run. That said, I usually watch them anyways only because Brandon is entertaining.



haha PULL UP (pull down? 🤔) from the friendly skies 🛩💨💨💨.  Russia’s largest defense contractor did this:

The Almaz-Antey company filed a patent for the armed drone with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property in 2018. Described as “a fully functioning [gun] inside a set of wings,” the 23-kilogram drone is capable of flying for 40 minutes and staying aloft while shooting. (source)

Holy this looks like the most awkward thing on the planet to shoot.  It’s doable though, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Thoughts? I hope the AK guy starts mounting some AKs on cheap drones for some ridiculous YouTube shennigans.

Gat tip: Krystian


Woooooo child:

Before you ask why it’s sKeLeToNiZEd, I have no idea.  All of their magazines are seemingly like that… must be because they think it’s cool I guess. *shrug*

The company who makes this four magazine centipede is called Bad Element.  Now, I know I say a lot of websites are “the absolute worst I’ve ever seen”… but I really mean it with this one.  It’s extremely bad… like I might have to go see a doctor I cringed so hard.  They have a .co website they want you to go shop on (which I’m assuming is atrocious as well, but I haven’t been because chrome is throwing a huge security error on it).  You win some and you lose some in the gun game amirite fellas?


Gat tip: Mattv2099 <– RIP to a real one.  Nah he’s not dead the R stands for Retire in this case.  One of my favorite channels on YouTube.  A true gun vid shitposting OG.  I wish the new king shitposter Edwin Sarkissian studied Matt’s game more closely rather than trying to blaze his own shitposting trail.  It’s like 2.3% as entertaining as Mattv ever was 😭.  I love how whenever I call Edwin a gun video shitposter a bunch of dudes white knight for him in the comments like “DiD U knOw EdWiN CaMe To MeRICA with 23 ceNtS iN His PocKeT an StArTed a peaNuT bUTtEr n JeLLy SanWiCh (or whateverTF) fRaNchiSe an He SaVeS wHaLeS and BalD eAgLeS oN TeH wEekenDs?” ME: “Yea ok, cool bro that’s really awesome you know his backstory.  Now what?”  On the flip side, when I call Mattv2099 a gun video shitposter we all celebrate together.


Icy hahah:

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleAt 0:15 seconds is an important moment for gun culture.  I liken it to when Charlton Heston held up the flintlock longrifle and said “from my cold dead hands”.  Basically it’s equally as historical.

2016 has been a creative year for rap videos with guns in them wow hahah.

Remind me never to go to Detroit.  It looks ROUGH.