Some nice goals for 2020.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of new stuff he comes out with. That looks like a LOT of parts wow.

I’m hopefully going to get back to blogging somewhat daily again.  Some of you guys thought I was MIA at Disneyland again, but the truth of the matter is my girlfriend and I moved to a bigger place over last bunch of weeks.  To say that took up a lot of my time is an understatement.  haha

Hope everyone has a great NYE, and a great 2020!


This is cool, these guys developed a 3D printed AK-47 receiver that actually works well:

Their company is DNO Firearms.  A long torture test video, where they shoot it to failure (397 rounds 😲):

4:03 – Transition to pistol!  haha… seems like a feature to me.

From the video description:

This 3d printed receiver held up to 397 shots. The original video has the first 30 rounds and this video shows 367 more. The video is long and I tried to keep it as short as possible but in order to show the full round count it had to be this way. If you would like to skip ahead to see the final failure it’s @ 16:50 and you can see the upper disassembly @ 21:27

Filament used for receiver : https://amzn.to/2K8zYsT

Cheap practice filament: https://amzn.to/2K6i1Lp

3D Printer: https://amzn.to/2SX8jxv

This 3d printed gun thing is going to keep getting more and more interesting.  It’s too bad Cody Wilson can’t touch guns for the next 7 years (😬😬😬), because he was also doing a lot of interesting stuff with Defense Distributed.

Brandon made up a video talking about this receiver, and why his own version failed.



AHAHAH he did another one:

I post a lot of AKGUY content now, but nothing slaps as hard as what he’s doing right now.  Prove me wrong and give me some YouTube links if you can, and I’ll check them out.

AR Guys VS AK Guys part one is there if you haven’t already seen it.  Wow almost 1M views!



Brandon doing it for YouTube:

I saw the video was 9min long, and I knew it was going to escalate quickly typical AKGUY style haha.

Good stuff.  Here’s the InRangeTV AK mud test he was talking about.  Holy, 4.9M views on that one.



My man Jagowale set fire to the booth on this one 🔥:

Wow seriously though, If I were a rapper I’d cut the check and ask to sample the hook in this.

Even Jagowale’s merch game is low key one hunnid.  Sheesh.




I’m not mad at it.  The permanence of tattoos isn’t for me though.

The John Mclane Die Hard one with the beretta I used for this post thumbnail is awesome too.