TheAKguy takes a blowtorch to it:

haha definitely worth another hole in the ozone layer :P.

ak-47-t-shirt-endo-ak-guyIf you like seeing stuff melt, someone melted a Glock magazine a while back too which unsurprisingly yielded similar results.  For some reason though this AK-74 magazine definitely seemed drier… like it didn’t want to actually melt as much as just break into pieces and smolder.  Interrrrrrrdasting.

The AK Guy is wearing the AK-47 t-shirt I painstakingly hand painted.  Well I painted the original design, but not every shirt.


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I first blogged about the quad stack AK magazines (and other unique AK magazines) in THIS post.

Looks like a Quad Stack 60 round AK-74 magazine was up for sale on Gunbroker – http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=162814104

3 people bid it up to $900, but that was not enough to meet the reserve! It has not been re-listed since.

The company who originally makes (made?) this magazine is Izhmash. I know nothing about them, but in the Gunbroker auction, the seller says the following:

Mega rare collectible item, original Izhmash 60 round capacity magazine for AK-74.

I find it hard to believe something that was injection molded is “mega rare” and “collectible” unless it doesn’t work worth a shit and they decided to stop selling it.