al qaeda

VICE with a documentary on Syria – Al-Qaeda’s new home… Here is the preview with the kids with guns:

0:10 – That main kid’s voice is like a Gilbert Gottfried mixed with nails on a chalk board.

0:40 – Not really that scary when he doesn’t even have the strength to rack the slide.  Is that a high-power or a 1911?  Looks to be a high-power.

Full documentary:

Let me know how it is.

HowTerroristsGetInI say more Al-Qaeda kids with guns the better.  Maybe a high percentage of them will be careless, have negligent discharges and take themselves or one of their little American hating bros out of the picture.  One less terrorist to worry about.  Pretty shitty that these kids aren’t doing kid stuff like playing video games, building forts, and eating too much candy.



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And their attempts to flush him out:

Ah well.. it was worth a try.

The Al-qaeda (joke) twitter page – HERE