I don’t get that part where the lady shot the hog at 0:56 … first of all when she shouldered the rifle she was initially aiming at the one guys lower body.. then the other guy who was holding the live hog by it’s back legs steered it so she had a good shot.  Wtf was that?  Did they trap that hog or something, and why was it acting so subdued? I thought hogs were fighters.

The indoor range they showed toward the end of the video looked GHETTO.  I saw wheelbarrows, scrap wood, what looked like straw… I hope the ventilation in there is better than it looks.

Nice to see more women shooting, hopefully most are having fun while they practice. I’m sure there will always be a number of women that can’t stand guns, but feel they need to learn how to shoot for their own safety.


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An inside story from Aljazeera:

The video is 25 minutes long, and definitely worth watching.

Say what you will about Aljazeera, but they allow a decent discussion from what i’ve seen.   The same story on FOX or CNN would have been “ZOMG guns are bad! BAN THEM ALL!” followed by interrupting and loud-talking.