allison grimes

I’m so sick of this shit.  People are definitely dumb enough to fall for it though it seems, so why not?

The best is her competitor Mitch McConnell’s absolute smackdown of her video:

Allison-GrimesOHHHHHHHHHH SHIT he called her out for everything she said she wasn’t.  0 to 100 real quick right there playa, nicely done.  Shots fired!

As you guys know I can barely stand politics.  Yea I know that makes me a shitty person, but I’m cool with it.  The one thing I have to say I do like though whenever something political does come across my radar, is how quickly they call each other out on their bullshit. That said, I really don’t think most of the people who vote educate themselves on the candidates whatsoever, so that probably doesn’t do any good. May the best looking candidate with the most money and best trickery win! :/



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