haha this man used 265 cans and a bunch of random stuff to make it:

Holy yea it’s a lot of work and requires a lot of equipment (some of it expensive), but such a cool DIY project.  *hits AR-15 grip vape and blows sick cloud*

The receiver looks really badass in the end… very no frills / tough.

Is YouTube trying to force me to get YouTube red?  I can’t even watch a 20 minute video anymore without an inline add or two being injected into it.  Annoying.


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Pretty cool, but at the $500 price I’d rather just buy any random real gun.. I guess that’s not the point though.

I like the idea of all aluminum construction and the 100 rubber band capacity.

You can purchase it or get more info – HERE


I was doing some cleaning today and I opened all my plastic Glock boxes and took a look inside…

Those of you (in most states) that have bought a new Glock might recognize the following picture as the envelope and casings from 2 spent rounds that are included:

Their are some states that require the two casings to be retained by law enforcement and entered into a database as a way to fingerprint your gun.  I talked about the failure of one of these ballistic identification systems in in New York in a prior article (HERE).

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A 2005 study by graduate students at MIT determined that a tin foil hat could either amplify or attenuate radio frequencies depending on frequency.

And I just find this out in 2010? Damn it… :lol:

Wait… is this just to trick us into taking off our tinfoil hats because they actually DO work?  Definitely something to consider :P

So much for the standard “I lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident”

Check out the YouTube interview:


M.I.T. webpage on the study – HERE

It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really Out To Get You.



Lower receivers CNC machined from certified 7075 aluminum forgings and anodized per Mil-A-8625. Lower receivers are marked with “multi-use” for use of different calibers.

I had never heard of SI Defense until now.  I’m sure after this deal they will be a lot more well known, especially if the lowers are quality.

$500 for a custom logo though? LOL that seems a touch excessive!

$10 extra for clear anodizing, or $40 for colors is definitely reasonable though.

Too bad I already have more lowers than uppers :(  I’m sure they will have enough orders to keep them busy, without one from me.

SI Defense Webpage – HERE

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His work, created by shooting bullets into reinforced aluminum and generating a patterned silhouette effect, Creel admits the process drained him, “I started off just going into the woods with canvas, then realized I needed a stronger material.” Taking nearly a full year to develop his current technique and the resulting first piece (an image of a deer) Creel took time off before continuing to work on the remaining pieces of his series.

Doesn’t sound very exhausting to me, but I’m not an artist.

More about the artist Walton Creel and his work – HERE

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Note to self:
Create abstract art by bumpfiring into a pile of scrap metal and paint and profit