Amanda Furrer

60 frames per second of pure hotness plus something about dry firing:

Looking like ELSA with the side braid GOT ME FROZEN…. Sorry guys, dat thirst again. Would take for ice cream and ask about her day.  What’s with pro shooting girls being good looking though damn?  I think I mentioned before, I’ve been known to creep olympic shooter Amanda Furrer’s Instagram on occasion too, and just the heads up if you’re out of the loop… click through and see she’s model status as well. Tell her ENDO sent you. Wait don’t… already if I ever meet her or Kirsten in real life I’ll probably just turn beet red, have a creepy nervous grin on my face and not be my regular smooth operator self (that I pretend I am in my head, because I rarely leave the crib and talk to actual females). *hat tip* m’lady.

Kristen-Joy-WeissThis is one of those times where “Would operate with?” is superfluous, so I’m just going to say thanks for reading and leave a comment on something if you wish.

You can’t even get a bad screen cap of Kirsten.  Well maybe there was one I could have taken when she was in mid-blink that looked derpy… but I didn’t want to disrespect in hopes she would actually start returning my texts. :P

Guys I verified her elbows aren’t pointy in advance by looking at past videos, just because I knew the question would come up.



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My attention span is probably shorter than most peoples.  I tapped out in the first couple minutes of this video, but David (who emailed me the vid) insisted that you guys need to see it… so I’m taking his word for it.

If you can make it through the whole 14 minutes bravo.  The video needed Amanda Furrer in it… I could watch her all day <3, and I mean that in a non creepy way haha.



Chick lean?  Or proper small bore rifle shooting stance?  Either way this girl is relevant to my interests.

This is probably a stupid question, but will she be shooting a laser gun at the Olympics?

I know the point of those rifles is accuracy, but they look extremely nerdy.  I wonder what she could do with a larger caliber rifle?


Hat tip: Brent P.