BJ drops a gem on em:

american-flagYea exactly. The founding fathers were smart guys and knew what was up. haha @ “The right of the people to bear muskets shall not be infringed”.


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NOTE: Sorry about no posts on the weekend. I was feeling very under the weather. I still think it might be AIDS from the Google Android Gmail “upgrade”. I’m waiting on the cure to be released. Hopefully not only the Magic Johnson’s of the cellphone world get it.


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A preview of an interesting new show the NRA is going to be putting out:

Defending-Our-America-NRADefinitely relevant to my interests.

0:48 – He’s surprised that a bunch of scumbag criminals have different views than him?

2:00 – WhUT?  Why?  What an elitist.

Starts April 2014.


Ron Paul and Conrad kick some ass:

Conrad-The-ConstitutionEvery man that fights gets two Obama George Forman Grills!  Speaking of George Foreman grills, I haven’t used one of those in a while… nothing beats a BBQ though.

I really hope they keep up with this series.  I like it because it’s controversial like SouthPark, but has constitution/American related story lines.



Because America:

haha McDonalds.  People still eat that?  I figured the drive-thru lineup was always just for cheap coffee.

I’ve gotta respect the dual wielding of Miller High Life, that’s the ultimate beer of the struggle.

Guns And Coffee T-ShirtENDO Guns and coffee t-shirt of course featured at the end of the video too.

hahah on youtuber comments “Your toilet is gonna hate you.”



I’m surprised Discovery Channel would even touch this guy with a 10ft pole:

I don’t like how he long ago appointed himself as the spokesperson for gun lovers in America, and companies are continually jumping on board with that.   Entertaining enough guy, but I really have no use for his outspoken political rants.

The show starts October 10th, 2012 on Discovery Channel.

I hope the show contains lots of good slow motion shots, and footage of guns I can’t afford.  If it’s like that I’ll watch it, but if it’s jam packed with off the wall redneck style derp then I’ll pass.


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Predicable but good:

I haven’t been to Denny’s in ages.  Oh well better places to go as long as you’re not looking to eat at 4am.


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