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You know I had to do it:

The Blackout USA Flag with Multicam is now back in stock at ENDO.  I didn’t get a chance to announce it on here when I first started stocking them, because it sold out very quickly. 

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Thanks everyone!


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I kept forgetting to let you blog reading guys know. The black American Flag is back in stock on ENDO if you’re interested.

Thanks for all the support always.  -Mike


A week early.  Starts now:



Head over to ENDO Apparel.  Thanks for all the support guys.  If the flags sell out (which they are pretty much guaranteed to) I’ll still honor the price on backorder and ship those in about 3-4 weeks.

Lots more products coming soon.

A different take on the timeless classic:


Available now over at ENDO Apparel

I told you guys this summer was going to be huge. Lots more new shirt designs and new products soon.

Thanks for the support.