Celebrating masculinity through violence:

Waaaaaaaaah societal pressure is keeping/making the man a violent being. *eye roll*

I didn’t like this vid… too whiny.  Maybe that makes me part of the problem.

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeThe funny thing is Billy is the one always talking about the statistics and the hard facts.  Well Billy take a page out of your own book and maybe stop and think about how there are barely any mass murders etc. in the grand scheme of things, even if they are primarily done by men.

Billy go watch some more “The View”, and “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants” to get this whiney-soft streak out of your system then come back at us with some REAL shit.



A guy we know, is a new NRA news commentator:

0:12 – people are going to be like “Oh noEs the illuminati”.   Whoever did the after effects for this video should do all the videos, they are great!  Real clean looking, and good choice of fonts, graphics, and everything.

I know the black shirt is his thing, but they really should turn the contrast down if they are going to use a white background. It looks like that black shape was just masked over on the computer, and there are arms and a head coming out of it.  I liked it better in his own videos when it was him with a black shirt, and a blacker background.

AmidsTheNoise-NRA-NewsAmidsTheNoise (Billy Johnson) always has good things to say… I found this video hard to follow though.  Maybe it was because of that annoying background music?  The videos on his channel were always easy to concentrate on because it was just him spewing out facts and excellent points… nothing else. In this video he is talking AMIDST actual noise… ironic.