I remember when all the teenage girls on YouTube were doing these whiteboard videos:

What’s next, are they going to write cute on a stack of blank cards and stare into the camera and drop them one by one to form a story? haha all kidding aside, this ammo looks like it works as intended:

The fact it’s glowing rather than burning is pretty sweet.¬† When they said “priced so you can afford it” in the first video I was thinking *side-eye… we’ll see*… but I looked at the site and it’s $13 for a box of 20 rounds of 9mm, which actually isn’t terrible.

It’s Patented apparently? Did they come up with a different thing than Fiocchi as been doing since at least 2011?



The WORST. ūüėāūüėāūüėā ūüď∑@ty_kells

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Arguably one of the worst situations you can get yourself into.  You need to be prepared.

Thoughts? Does this happen to you?

If this were my old commenting system there would be a bunch of backlink thirsty ammo companies in the comments like “I like this meme”, “nice post!”, “We’re laughing over at ____ ammo co.”


Interesting ammo is interesting.  Highjak86 takes a look:

Shell Shock Ammunition claims this weighs 50% less than the usual brass rounds, and 2x stronger. ¬†Ejects “cool to touch”, and reloadable. ¬†Sounds great to me. ¬†If it works, then why not!?

Gotta watch yourself around the brass shark and brass bandit guys.  Shameless self promotion ;) I know.



Over at the Money INTO Noise (MINTON) Yacht Club:


*NEW* over at ENDO Apparel.

Gorilla-Ammunition-Silverback*smh* Who runs the Gorilla Ammunition marketing company?

Did they not know about the “Dicks out for Harambe” movement? LOL who let this slide?

If you’ve been living under a rock, Harambe is the Silverback gorilla they shot at the Cincinnati Zoo because some mom wasn’t watching her kid.


Ugggggggggggggh *facepalm*

Toys R’ Us, you guys are scholars and gentlemen. ¬†Whoever was packing that sword in the shipping department, probably saw the the gift message “Happy 7th Birthday Connor!!!” and was like¬†*glances at shitty Minecraft sword*…. *hesitates**dumps 800 rounds of Sellier And Bellot 9mm into box* ¬†*whispers* “Happy Birthday kid… Happy Birthday…” *stares¬†wistfully¬†into distance while¬†reminiscing¬†about his own childhood*. ¬† ARGH Damnit Jasemin… now you’re going to get that good samaritan at Toys R’ Us fired over your fake outrage. ¬†Or maybe not though… Toys R’ Us actually handled it like G’s so far. ¬†“We’re looking into the matter” is basically lawyer talk for “GTFO of here Jasemin, you should have let us bless Connor with the 9mm. ¬†Instead he’s going to get wedgies and swirlies at school over that weak-ass sword you bought him. ¬†Nice work Mom of the year.”.

9mm-and-.40-CaliberI hope that kid grows up to be a gun guy, and never lets his mom forget¬†the day she ruined his 7th birthday. ¬†Oh and by the time he’s 18 I’m¬†guessing 9mm will be about $5 per round, which will make it hurt even more.