Gorilla-Ammunition-Silverback*smh* Who runs the Gorilla Ammunition marketing company?

Did they not know about the “Dicks out for Harambe” movement? LOL who let this slide?

If you’ve been living under a rock, Harambe is the Silverback gorilla they shot at the Cincinnati Zoo because some mom wasn’t watching her kid.


Ugggggggggggggh *facepalm*

Toys R’ Us, you guys are scholars and gentlemen.  Whoever was packing that sword in the shipping department, probably saw the the gift message “Happy 7th Birthday Connor!!!” and was like *glances at shitty Minecraft sword*…. *hesitates**dumps 800 rounds of Sellier And Bellot 9mm into box*  *whispers* “Happy Birthday kid… Happy Birthday…” *stares wistfully into distance while reminiscing about his own childhood*.   ARGH Damnit Jasemin… now you’re going to get that good samaritan at Toys R’ Us fired over your fake outrage.  Or maybe not though… Toys R’ Us actually handled it like G’s so far.  “We’re looking into the matter” is basically lawyer talk for “GTFO of here Jasemin, you should have let us bless Connor with the 9mm.  Instead he’s going to get wedgies and swirlies at school over that weak-ass sword you bought him.  Nice work Mom of the year.”.

9mm-and-.40-CaliberI hope that kid grows up to be a gun guy, and never lets his mom forget the day she ruined his 7th birthday.  Oh and by the time he’s 18 I’m guessing 9mm will be about $5 per round, which will make it hurt even more.



This is money:


Not real of course haha.  I hope everyone emails Winchester and begs them to make it though.  Can you imagine the basic bitch outrage there would be on the news?  That alone would be incredible.

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Mountain Home, Arkansas is the place. One left to poop out:

The video is way too long, but basically the dog chewed up 23 rounds, and he has chewed and swallowed various other items in the past.  You can read the full story over at the Baxter Bulletin.

hahah man what an awesome breed of dog, but what a nightmare this one is at the same time.  I hate to think what the bill for that type of dog surgery is too.  I’m sure those of you with pets know all too well.  I’ve never met anyone with a pet who hasn’t had to pay thousands for something health related at some point.

Gundog-cop-policeHopefully the guy in the video keeps stuff off the floor / out of reach from now on.  Even better, get to the root of why the dog is eating these random things in the first place.  I did a bit of googling and it seems like some of the reasons such as not getting enough attention, wrong diet, and stress, could be worked on to see if the situation improves.


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You know I love a good manufacturing / render / making of:

Geco-AmmunitionVery nice.  The foreign ammunition company is called Geco.  I don’t know who did that video for them, but it’s off the chain.

I held my breath up until the “firing” sequence to see if the entire cartridge would leave the barrel haha.

Kind of funny the modesty when they were showing the targets at the end… no “ragged hole” here guys, don’t get it twisted.

Thoughts?  Would shoot a pretentious match with?


The NSSF lays it out:

Field-And-Stream-Desert-Eagle-Troll-Hunting-HandgunI don’t really know enough about the environment or the politics of the game to have a proper view on this.  I just know lead obviously isn’t healthy to consume in large amounts.

It sucks it’s not feasible for ammo companies to produce bullets for less popular calibers without lead.  If it wasn’t all about money, these companies could gradually make the shift to make everything lead free I’m assuming.

If you hunt and know more about this, school me.