Congrats to them 🎂🥳.  I love this type of vid:

Interesting to hear the history and see some of the old pictures.

0:47 – That is a lot of different buildings for one company.  700,000+ sq ft. of manufacturing space!

0:55 – “More than 1400 employees keep the factory running 24/7, producing millions of rounds per day” 😲 FLEX.

I knew ammo companies like Federal were big.. but after seeing the vid I’m even more in awe.

Federal is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker VSTO (Vista Outdoor Inc.,) the company that owns them.  Like most stocks this year to date, they have taken around a 30% haircut.  It’s still up several hundred percent over the last couple years though… you love to see it.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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INNOVATION, fellas.  Nothing says 2020 like single use plastics too…  NoiCe:

You can get these PaTeNtEted pre-loaded things on the Cheeterz website if you’re interested.  Oh wow a product that is actually available for purchase.  Honestly I’m impressed with that aspect, and the fact they are running on the exact match .com of their brand.  Some guy tried to pitch me a “revolutionary” (not) product to blog about last week and I asked him why runs the site on a .us when the .com is available for like $2k.  He said they would be sticking with the .us because they are in “many markets over seas”.  Ok, if you say so… 😀.   Every time I try to give someone advice, or a nice tip to help I wonder why I bother… I do that a lot less now, than I used to.  Most of the time now I just focus on my own things and let people make their own mistakes.  I did write a long email response to a blog follower who emailed me about a product he was prototyping / developing a while back, and he VERY much appreciated it though so that felt good.

Here’s all the features they are flexing:

Oh sweeties noooooo 😑.  I have absolutely ZERO idea what benefit these have over the already extremely popular Maglula line of products, that are a buy-once-and-use-forever product with whatever type of ammo you want.


Gat tip: NathanRuff


Ruined the fit, and took his ammo.  You hate to see it:

😭😭😭 Thoughts?


I remember when all the teenage girls on YouTube were doing these whiteboard videos:

What’s next, are they going to write cute on a stack of blank cards and stare into the camera and drop them one by one to form a story? haha all kidding aside, this ammo looks like it works as intended:

The fact it’s glowing rather than burning is pretty sweet.  When they said “priced so you can afford it” in the first video I was thinking *side-eye… we’ll see*… but I looked at the site and it’s $13 for a box of 20 rounds of 9mm, which actually isn’t terrible.

It’s Patented apparently? Did they come up with a different thing than Fiocchi as been doing since at least 2011?



Interesting ammo is interesting.  Highjak86 takes a look:

Shell Shock Ammunition claims this weighs 50% less than the usual brass rounds, and 2x stronger.  Ejects “cool to touch”, and reloadable.  Sounds great to me.  If it works, then why not!?

Gotta watch yourself around the brass shark and brass bandit guys.  Shameless self promotion ;) I know.




sad-girl-tear-gunAny Sad Boys up in here tonight?  I know I’ve mentioned Yung Lean on here before…. *sound of crickets* *tumbleweed blows across post*… hmmm alright then.

Anyway, this Sad Girl in the video got butthurt after she had an altercation with one of her tutors and the dean at design school, and created this tear gun as a “visual metaphor”.  So young and angsty. Classic.  The full story over at the design blog Dezeen.

How it works:

1) The user first puts on a mask with a silicone cup that catches the tears.

2) The tears are frozen in a bottle, which is then loaded onto the gun – allowing the frozen tears to be fired.

I can’t imagine creating any type gun as a visual metaphor illustrating how pissed off you are, would go over very well in the USA at any design school.  I’m actually surprised that this project was (seemingly) so well received in the Neatherlands where this Sad Girl is going to school.  Oh it gets better:

From the end of the article – “At her graduation, Chen had the opportunity to point and fire the tear gun at head of department Jan Boelen. She took it.” <—- LOL savage.

Thoughts?  Literally neva bin done befo.   Well if it has, I want to know.  This is one of those Sherlock Holmes style murder weapons, where the murder would be a complete mystery at first due to the bizarre nature of the weapon. I think I remember seeing one of those shows once where a guy was murdered with ice or an icicle or something. Sneaky.

hahah this comment by user Spadestick on the article is pure gold, and so true – “When in doubt, get featured by making it in brass. Always a winner, even if it’s the most useless thing you’ve ever seen.”