This is money:


Not real of course haha.  I hope everyone emails Winchester and begs them to make it though.  Can you imagine the basic bitch outrage there would be on the news?  That alone would be incredible.

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Spent-Brass-Bearshaha I hadn’t heard of these Mass Ammo guys before, but I like how they put effort into that ad. P.S. Mass Ammo, remember to text me the GPS coords when you air drop that 200k round pallet into the desert for me. I’ll be waiting now that I posted this.

I hear spent brass is great for the skin, especially in dry climates. I’m sure a lot of you have enough brass to fill a bath tub, which is awesome.

Who wants to be the first to complain that the ad objectifies women, or that you don’t like seeing the mixing of women and ammo in marketing? Seems like a few of those comments now on posts like this. haha


You know I love a good manufacturing / render / making of:

Geco-AmmunitionVery nice.  The foreign ammunition company is called Geco.  I don’t know who did that video for them, but it’s off the chain.

I held my breath up until the “firing” sequence to see if the entire cartridge would leave the barrel haha.

Kind of funny the modesty when they were showing the targets at the end… no “ragged hole” here guys, don’t get it twisted.

Thoughts?  Would shoot a pretentious match with?


The NSSF lays it out:

Field-And-Stream-Desert-Eagle-Troll-Hunting-HandgunI don’t really know enough about the environment or the politics of the game to have a proper view on this.  I just know lead obviously isn’t healthy to consume in large amounts.

It sucks it’s not feasible for ammo companies to produce bullets for less popular calibers without lead.  If it wasn’t all about money, these companies could gradually make the shift to make everything lead free I’m assuming.

If you hunt and know more about this, school me.


Tactical Shit gets after it:

tyrone-green-tip-xm855hahah this is perfect.

0:54 – When he gives it a sniff then licks it. LOL

How many of you guys are doing this?  Be honest haha.

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Beaver county Pennsylvania sheriff candidate with this clever idea:


A vending machine operated by a candidate for Beaver County Sheriff that distributes firearms ammunition is raising some eyebrows. The machine is installed inside of the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club, offering both rifle and handgun ammunition and operating in the same fashion as vending machines commonly used to sell snack foods.

Source – Beaver Countian

A lot of stupidity in the comments if you follow the above link.  People love being experts on topics they know nothing about.

To make this even cooler, the sheriff candidate in question Sam Piccinini (too bad surnames aren’t legal to use in Scrabble right?), actually owns the company which manufacturers the ammo.  He had the idea for the vending machine because a lot of members at that range couldn’t find non-jacketed ammo anywhere in stores.

Related note: How epic of a name is the “Beaver Countian”.  Such a great ring to it ahah.

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