amy robbins.

Oh man, this is why I love VICE.  Pure 👏 GOLD 👏:

You just know a lot of the people in that video have recently asked their high school aged son or daughter if they have ever heard of a “meme” (but they definitely pronounced it “me me”).

1:24 – Oh no 😬 *hold my Metamucil and watch this*

1:36 – Shout out Amy “Alexo” Robbins.  AKA “Amy with the good hair”.  Her merch is on point, and definitely poppin right now 💯.  I might mess around and go full Instructor Zero, decreasing my drag coefficient by wearing some of those pants someday.  You never know when I might bless the timeline and throw a flick up 📸.

2:34 – This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. This Hiding Hilda lady shoots through her purse, PUTS A HOLE IN THE CEILING then goes on to say “the important part is if you’re going to shoot through a purse, aim the firearm not the purse.  That’s where the mistakes rise” 😂😭.  A tale in two frames stitched into an animated gif:

2:50 – She said that someone shot their eye out with a bra holster, and another person supposedly shot their nipple off.  I don’t know whether it’s true or not but it’s throwing HELLA SHADE at flashbang holsters and/or others doing that same thing.  Alright Shotty McRange-Baffles whatever you say 😏, I really don’t know what to believe.


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And you thought episode 1 was over your head, parts of this even go over my head:

1:30 – Custom colored guns from the factory? Meh that would just turn into “Fender Custom Shop” if you’re into guitars… making the gun 300% more expensive. People are just going to get it done at the regular cheaper places anyway unless you have nothing better to do with your money and really don’t care about the price.

4:11 – Regarding the “2grand rifle in a cardboard box” comment. I for one am not interested in paying more so some company can fancy-up their packaging then tack that onto the price. If gun companies were smart they would do that anyway, but I definitely wouldn’t ask for it. Boutique style gun stores if anything should be stepping up their game with things like this.

7:21 – LOL the “political plantation”

10:26 – Amy says most gun owners are independent, adventurous and athletic. ROFL good one! Two episodes in I’m starting to think she is the one whos an NRA manufactured character, because Colion Noir definitely isn’t.

14:00 – Bespoke suits? Alright even this section is way over my head and out of my realm of interest. Frankly I hate going into stores where “Personal Shoppers” proceed to fawn all over me and offer to run and get me sizes and colors etc.. of things I’m looking at, then try and force conversation to get to know me and pressure me into a sale. I’m sure it works on most people, and forces them into buying… but for a lot of us it’s just one more reason to shop on the internet.

17:50 – Tom Ford collabs? Neiman Marcus edition guns? Jesus… again why would I want to pay more for any of that? Noir is losing me on some of these segments. I didn’t think fresh-out-the-gate lawyers were instant multi-millionaires, but maybe he is… or maybe he just makes what I’d call “interesting decisions” with the disposable income he has. Hell, maybe I’m the one that’s out of touch with gun owners, and most are actually looking for ways to blow money on a “something unique that everyone else has”? *cough* Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, Fender Custom Shop etc.. *cough*

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI think the best part about this show is how much it’s pissing people off… even apparently myself when it comes to some of the things he says haha.



Awwwwwww shit, it’s finally that time!

Much anticipated, and definitely lives up to the hype.  I won’t spoil any of the jokes etc.. I’ll just let you guys watch the episode.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadI will say I really liked the format and the natural feel the show has.  MrColionNoir is definitely in his element.  My expectations regarding Amy weren’t that high for some reason, but she does a good job.   You can definitely tell she’s just there as support, and he’s the one running shit.  Something tells me the NRA wouldn’t go for a Amy Robbins spinoff show called BLANC (French for white).  LOL on a tangent I was just reminded of La Flama Blanca (best show ever). I transcend race, hombre.



MrColionNoir x Amy Robbins:

When my NRA contact / e-friend Becky emailed me about the vid, I cracked the joke about Amy forgetting her pants.  I don’t think she was amused.

NRA-FreestyleWho is Amy Robbins anyway?  I’m not saying she has to have any sort of shooting credentials.. I’m just curious what her background is and I couldn’t find much out in the 5 minutes of research I did.

I have high hopes for this show because MrColionNoir is my dude, and he’s running it.   We’ll see what happens when EP 1 drops May 11th on YouTube and

Tangent, I was hoping MrColionNoir would actually freestyle rap on the show (Maybe he’ll even have a bathroom booth like BigTigger… shout out to those who used to watch RapCity Tha basement back in the day). I even ghost wrote a few bars for him:

They call me Noir / I M6’d the car / bought all the bottles at the bar / Buy shit you’ll never have / then I lamp in the lab / NRA picks up the tab / I son MF’ers / Call me your dad.

That was a little taste. I could keep going, but unlike MrColionNoir I only do #Paystyle. :P