This company raises money and awareness for animal rescues.  Here are a couple of their promo videos:

haha wait maybe don’t arm the animals… Planet of the Apes didn’t turn out so well ūü§Ē.¬† You can¬†check out their website¬†here if you’re interested.

Gat tip: gee_wraith

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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These are awesome:

Check out the rest of them on Danielle Pedersen’s Etsy page – HERE

Although I don’t feel like I’ve done anything worthy of a “Badger of Honor” or “Purple Shark”, for some reason I want them. ¬†Would I be guilty of stolen animal valor?

Although they are “cute”, $48.00 is too steep for me, even if they are 100% handmade in Oregon.



The artist’s name is Xiau-Fong Wee, you can check out more of her “Animals With Guns” sketches on her website – HERE

Could the anteater one be a new twist on the meme pictured to the left?

I haven’t figured out why almost all of the animals have glasses. ¬†Maybe the artist thought it was funnier that way?


Butch, a sentry dog, stands guard over Pfc. Rez P. Hester of the Marine Corps’ 7th War Dog Platoon on Iwo Jima in this undated photograph from the National Archives.

View the rest of the photoset – HERE

Amazing pictures.  You can feel the sadness in #68 (except from the apathetic lady in pink).


The first episode of the Cat Shit One animated series is out, and blog reader Adam S was awesome enough to send it over for me to check out.

Here are my thoughts on it:

  • The animation and physics are incredible… It’s basically like a grownups version of Toy Story, but with animals and guns.
  • The camera angles in the animation are really neat as well, and really add to the viewing experience.
  • Sound effects and music are top notch.
  • One¬†discrepancy¬†I did note, is that the rabbit’s hearing protection is always at the side of their face, not where their ears are… not a big deal though.

The main rabbit character “Packy” has what looks like an m4, but it takes AK mags… a lot of people think that was a mistake, but it’s not. The rifle exists and is made by Knights Armament Company, model: KAC SR-47

Not that much happens in this 20 minute first episode, but I’m sure the story will develop more in the remaining episodes.

Cat Shit One Wikipedia page – HERE

Buy the first 3 graphic novels on Amazon if your interested here:

Have any of you guys seen it yet? If so, what did you think?



With a little discipline and practice with a rifle, this bear could hold his own in a U.S. Army drill team.

Animals are sure amazing.