In honor of yesterday’s anniversary of the U.S. Army officially adopting the 1911 pistol exactly 100 years ago:

Hickok45 takes a look at some different 1911s:

Makes me sort of wish I didn’t sell my Springfield Loaded 1911-A1. Note that I said “sort of”.  It’s probably good I got rid of it when I did because there was so much pitting, and the gun was only a few years old. (Pictured left is the exact model I had… Easy on the eyes, hard on the heart)


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Aerial view of Battleship Row in the opening moments of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941. (U.S. Navy)

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The parade is part of celebrations marking the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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What an incredible display of power and weaponry. Those guys look pretty organized and disciplined.  I wonder how they would be on the battlefield?  They should put all that to good use and go destroy the taliban.


Still one of my top favorite game franchises of all time.

More about Mario over the last 25 years – HERE


Never before in history have active-duty American troops been invited to march in the Victory Day parade, according to the United States military. The occasion is the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, a date that carries an almost sacred meaning in Russia.

Ukrainian and Russian sailors wearing in World War II-era Soviet soldiers’ uniforms march during a parade rehearsal in the central Ukrainian city of Sevastopol, the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Anyone know what make / model guns those are?

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On April 30th, the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam war I posted an article with links to a few picture sets.

Big Picture (one of my favorite photo blogs) came out with their set today (a week late slackers!), here is a sample:

OH NOES trigger discipline. :P

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