A new show starting Sept. 12th @ 10pm EST on National Geographic:

Father and son run one of the largest antique gun suppliers in the world, based out of New Jersey.

Definitely some eye candy when it comes to antique military guns.  Hopefully the derp is kept to a minimum, but seeing as it’s TV I have a feeling it will go full-retard.  Maybe not at a Sons Of Derp level… but likely still quite high.


Hat tip: Jay


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Emailed to me by Artimus.  He got it at a blind auction at an abandoned warehouse:

The only markings on it are HILP on the one arm.

He said someone made a joke that HILP stood for “High Impact Lead Poisoning” LOL

Fascinating… the base looks like it was made from an old fan.   Someone really put some work into jury rigging this thing. Wow that hand is creepy… wouldn’t a simple circular target area have sufficed?

I wonder what the deal with the hand is?  Maybe the person thought that if they didn’t physically pull the trigger they wouldn’t have “commited suicide”, instead they would have got murdered.   Hey, you never know…

Anyone have any theories on what HILP is, or any other thoughts about this device?

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