Anton Beukes

A CQB drill for G’s who want to spice up fantasy attack scenarios with throat slitting:

His mom is filming this one, so he wanted to make her extra proud (McDonalds Fries after training for her little ‘ton ‘ton):

You might be on your knees straddling the attacker, and want to mix things up with a stab. Train for it:

Accessing that big blade, in this “Starwars kid” style video:

Fancy “West Side Story” style footwork in this last one:

Anton Beukes is the guy in the videos. It’s obviously cooler to stab at least one attacker, than boringly / predictably shoot all them.

Pistol-Knife-TrainingIt’s always risky talking about a post like this one, I saw on TFB which Nicholas wrote, because there’s a good chance it was lifted off this blog from a post I did days, months, even years earlier.  This particular video has a Dec 28, 2014 date on it though so I’m assuming unless someone re-upped it it’s new… and I don’t recognize it.  I got so many emails about that guy a while back, where people were like “wtf?”.  It has tapered off now quite a bit, but I still do get the occasional person ask what’s going on.

Thoughts?  Would incorporate into your training? Would bet on these vids disappearing?


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