apocalypse now

$900,000 goal.  Could be interesting… could be boring, I don’t know *shrug*:

No open world. No long walks. No twitch shooting. All tension. All tactical decision making. Some outcomes determined by Player skill and some by Character skill. Psychological decision making in your dialogues with other characters.

They are crowd funding it, because they say a regular video game company will turn it into a FPS (which they don’t want to happen).

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.  With only 24 days left, they still need about $850k so I’d say it doesn’t look promising.


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A priceless Winnie the Pooh / Apocalypse Now remix:

Winnie-The-Poohhaha the best is when he’s introducing the other characters.  Perfect.


The supercut showing how often the classing Apocalypse Now Line is used:

There are obviously tons more than what are shown in the video.  The comments on youtube are evidence of that… “you missed ______”.


Apocalypse Moby is a literary “gene-splice” between two great stories: Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. The stories are similar: men onboard a ship who must travel across treacherous waters in search of a legend they must confront, who, along their way, have adventures, contemplate the nature of the world and bear witness to its darkness. While faithful to both Melville and Coppola’s respective masterpieces, Apocalypse Moby transfroms them into something wonderfully strange, hallucinatory, funny and new altogether.

Grab the free PDF on the author’s website – HERE

Sounds pretty awesome. I’ll be saving that PDF for a slow blog day.