Fairbanks, Alaska – A woman wants a face-to-face apology from two Alaska State Troopers who detained her for 20 minutes after they spotted her walking with a gun in her hand.

Beth Allard is a certified firearms instructor and the daughter of Joe Nava, a prominent local gun-safety and gun-rights advocate. She was carrying a snub-nosed .38-special revolver while walking on a dirt road near her mother’s house.

Allard said she kept the pistol pointed down with her finger away from the trigger, a method she frequently uses while jogging.

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Call me crazy, but I don’t think jogging with a loaded gun in your hand is necessary unless you are about to engage a target. I know someone is going to bring up the topic of bears or wolves, but really…. if that is the reason, she should be carrying something more than a .38 special.

Holsters are so cheap, she could pick up any number of styles that would still render the gun accessible to her within milliseconds.

If I saw someone jogging with a gun in their hand I’d assume that they were either chasing someone, or being chased by someone.


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