This is cute I guess *shrug*:

God, everything has an app now. Unless you’re involved in some high speed gun mods, knowing your actual ROF is probably not that necessary. Gotta get that app money tho amirite?

This video came to me via a “press release”, which I likely mentioned before is up there with being one of the most painful things that exist in the marketing world. Basically a handful of thirsty af companies send over unsolicited mass emails daily in hopes I (and others) blog about their shit. Too make it all worse, in the age we live in a lot of these companies pay actual money to a third party to do this. Anyways rant \off haha. I guess it worked for them this time.

You can check out their website over at Tactical Measurements for more info.   Looks like it’s only available for Android right now.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This doesn’t only simulate failure, it IS an actual failure:

There are just some things not conducive to the “app” experience, and this is one of them.  Awkwardly holding the phone like a gun, sliding the index finger across the smooth screen where the picture of the trigger is, banging the awkward grip against your support hand, then grabbing the top of the smooth screen where the slide is to “rack” it just looks (and is) dumb.  The TAP – RACK – BANG action is about action / muscle memory, and people practice it by loading primerless rounds or snap caps etc… into mags to simulate failure.

Here are a couple of screenshots so you can visualize the genius better:



Good choice on using an HK selector switch for selecting right or left handed screen functionality.  Makes a lot of sense.  OHHHHH SHIT GLOCK 18 mode.  Don’t try that unless you’re an expert.

Honestly if this app wasn’t free of charge, I’d say you’re better off practicing tap-rack-bang on a potato or a limp piece of asparagus.  Yea maybe I’m just bitter there isn’t an Android version.


Hat tip: Matt


Basically a ripoff of urban dictionary:


Move along… nothing to see here, or pay 99 cents for.

I’m surprised Police Magazine would sign off on something as shitty looking as this.  My guess is the app company that made it for them sold them the dream, and they believed it.  “OMG GUISE WITH YOUR TRAFFIC YOU’LL EASILY MAKE 100K A WEEK OFF THIS APP” haha I’ve heard it all before.

I do like how “Ass Hat” and “Turd Cutter” are in the screenshot though hahaha



Absuperman doing what he does best:

Absuperman-YouTubeHe used the Speech Zapper iPhone app.  It’s very difficult / frustrating to talk when your own voice is played back to you with a slight delay.  I have had that happen with webphones and cellphones occasionally… not ideal.

hahaha holy this video is hard to watch and looks like it would have been exhausting to film.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever tried one of these apps?

Hat tip: Liam


A neat mobile app that lets you customize the rifles that appear In Ghost Recon:

I of course immediately did some stupid stuff like put a Remington Masterkey shotgun on the rail of an ACR and loaded it with every possible expensive accessory available.

It’s worth trying out if you want to kill some time.  You can grab the Gun Builder App in the Google Play store. It’s also available for the iTunes but I can’t find the link.

All your customizations are synced with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier if you have that game.

Hat tip: Nick M.


New Apple game called Ready Steady Bang:

Pretty simple game, you play against a cowboy in a duel.  Pretty cool that people are getting rich off these 99cent iDevice games.  


I really don’t feel like I’m missing by only having a Motorola Xoom, which by the way still holds the spot of being the #1 best electronic device I’ve ever owned.  The hardware is incredible, and the software is made by google… so yea it’s amazing too.  

I’ll probably never buy an Apple product again.  Not because of the quality (it’s obviously top notch), but because of the restrictions (both software and hardware) on all of their devices.   Yea you can get relatively cheap 3rd party cables and software, and even jailbreak the phones… but why should I have to pay or do some work to make the device function as it rightfully should?