For the Apple ipad2:

The technology was originally invented by NASA to be used by autonomous vehicles on space missions. Our implementation uses the camera of the mobile device to build 3D maps of the surroundings in real-time and determine the device’s location and orientation within these maps.

Sounds and looks really interesting!  I’d like to see it used for a more graphic intense realistic looking FPS game.

You can buy it at the Apple App Store if you have an ipad2 – HERE


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Who knew gun disassembly was so violent?

Looks pretty non violent, and well done from the screen shots.  Who knows though… knowing how violent guns are, bloodshed could happen at any second.

Rather than risk it, id recommend pulling out a board game or even take your grandmas lead and play bingo.  The chances of getting addicted and losing all your money aside, it’s the safer and more responsible thing to do. Grandma likes it for a reason, doesn’t she?

If you really live life on the edge you can download this violent app for your idevice – HERE


Enter the world of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives with the official ATF app! Learn about the history of the ATF from the early days of prohibition, to its present position at the frontline against violent crime. Users can also explore the various areas of ATF expertise, find the nearest ATF field office, and stay in touch through e-mail subscriptions to the latest ATF news.

Check it out at the Apple app store – HERE

That last button in the screenshot looks suspect… nice try ATF.

Heh, one customer review.



Looks pretty good!

It would be probably good to have the program pop up some optional warnings about how at certain parts of the disassembly process (in most of the guns) you need to be careful that a loaded spring doesn’t fly out and hit you in the eye.

I noticed during the Glock disassembly the guide rod spring can be removed.  While there are non-captive guide rod/spring combos you can buy aftermarket… the factory Glock guide rod has a captive spring. There are probably some other minor errors, but chances are it’s mostly kids that are going to be buying the app to show their friends… so I guess it doesn’t really matter THAT much.

It can be bought on iTunes (HERE).  Be careful though on how much you want to spend because although the app is listed at 99 cents according to one reviewer that only includes 2 of the guns. Each additional gun is another 99 cents each.

Hat tip: Kevin W


I don’t have an iPhone.  Hell, I don’t even currently have a cellphone of any type… but this game looks pretty cool; It’s called Eliminate: GunRange:

For aiming, it takes advantage of the gyroscope in the iPhone 4, in addition to the new higher resolution screen. Apparently it will not work on the previous iPhones because of that.

Some of the other features:

  • 12 high fidelity weapons from the arsenals of today’s elite militaries
  • 144 target-shooting challenges set in three different HD firing ranges
  • Win medals and compare your results with others on global leaderboards

You can buy it for 99 cents – HERE


The Apple stuff starts around 1 min 40 seconds:

Link for Canadian viewers – HERE