Wow.  Appendix carry New York reload huh?  Sure why not:

I’m still convinced that a “MaRkeTinG sTrAtEgy” some of these companies have, is to dream up the absolute most bizarre shit possible, then create it under the guise of being serious in order to get posted all over and drive other business to them.  I fall for it every time 😆.

If you want this monstrosity, it’s $115 on the NSR Tactical website.

Gat tip: Matthew

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*facepalm* he even uses his daughter to video-title troll:

Her advice on how to best appendix carry a handgun:

  • She recommends TWO tank-tops underneath a shirt.  Maybe she doesn’t sweat, but I’d die if I had 3 layers of clothing on in summer.  Sounds like a pain in the ass to worry about it when drawing the gun too.
  • Wear a shirt with a pattern on it to break-up the shape of the gun.  Fair enough, although someone needs to tell that family a better place to buy t-shirts *cough* ENDO Apparel *cough*
  • Tuck the handle of the gun into your waistband.  She claims it only adds 0.5 seconds to her draw.  Maybe, but I don’t know if that’s such a great idea under stress, especially with 3 layers worth of shirts on.

Surprisingly enough at the time of writing this Yeager still has comments enabled.  So he can’t take the heat in his own video comments, but will let people troll his daughter?  Nice haha.

I could be wrong but I think he mentioned before that Kayla was his step daughter, which would explain why she didn’t get his token shoulder roll.