Old habits die hard. Another iPhone another destruction vid:

ManateeI hope Richard still ca$hes in on these videos, after all these years.  Those phones are not cheap.  Even if he made $0 though, seeing all the butthurt comments would be payment enough.  I hope sometime he just snaps and blows a few hundred grand on a car sometime and fills it full of binary explosives and plastic explosives, then shoots it inside a tank full of manatee’s.  Something that absurd and ignorant would be an instant payday.  Manatees are so beloved, it would be like Cecil the lion outrage x1,000,000.  I’m not saying I am fond of the idea from a moral standpoint, but see what I’m saying… I’m surprised my hotline isn’t bling’ing non stop for troll video ideas.  I’m sure it could somehow be spun that by killing the manatees Richard was actually SAVING them.  I still can’t really 100% wrap my mind around killing something which already has limited numbers for conservation purposes, but that’s why I let people animal-smarter than me make those decisions.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Industrial designer Marc Newson for Beretta:


Marc has designed for big names such as Pentax, G-Star Raw (clothing), Samsonite, Alessi, and more.  He’s currently employed at Apple, allegedly working on super secret projects on a part-time basis.  Dude is legit AF basically.

More pictures and specs on the Beretta website.  I can’t say I’m all that impressed with this 486 remix of his.  I mean it’s “nice” for what it is… but I expected some forward thinking, not just some engraving and minor improvements in ergonomics etc.  You can check out the look and specs of the original 486 Parallelo here.  I have no idea what the price on either is.

Like James (below) said, maybe this will lead the way for a Coogi Glock or a Mugatu Deagle, if fashion and firearms designers are cross pollenating.  I really want to photoshop a Biggie Smalls Coogi Glock right now, but I also want to get to bed so I can get up early to eat donuts and smile at females in business attire with those high leather autumn boots we all love, so you guys miss out.  Priorities.  *loop Just Playing (Dreams) but replace the word “R&B” with “TACTICAL” when you sing it in your head*.  I’m just playin… I’m sayin…

Thoughts?  Insta-cop if price wasn’t a likely issue?

Gat tip: James


Apple destruction:

Barrett-M82Like Omar said, “If you come at the king, you best not miss“.  I don’t think Omar was referring to shooting Apple devices with a .50, but you never know with The Wire… there was so many levels to all the dialog on that show. *whistles Farmer In The Dell*

I’m actually surprised the trajectory didn’t deviate more heavily.


Normally I don’t get emotional when Richard Ryan destroys expensive stuff… but:

ARRRRRGH I want a mac pro… that was mean! :P  That profile is so sexy.

haha @ “trash bin design”.  The heat sink made dropping it into the water look really cool.  That’s pretty cool that it passed both water drop tests.  Is that some fancy 4k monitor he’s using to test it?  Just want to make sure I’m in the know about any affordable ones if they exist.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOCostly product to shoot up wow… I hope the payback for this type of video is handsome. The footage sure was awesome, so I imagine every tech blog and “cool stuff” site on the planet will put it up.

Richard is wearing a number of ENDO Apparel shirts in the video, which you can buy at the link to help support my Cheeto habit.

U mad that Richard is doing this? Det cord Patek Philippe and Ferrari etc… in the future?


Lego skills:



With a pretty damn nice recreation of this famous picture:

Apple-Bullet-High-Speed-CameraLEGO will never get old.



A preview of Richard Ryan shoots the new iPad Air through google glass:

Ugh… that hurts.  I went and saw this new iPad at the Apple Store last week, the screen is beautiful!  It’s funny how anticlimactic the shot is without slow motion.  Full video with slow motion up on Monday!

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDOGoogle glass is definitely something I’d like to try out, I don’t know how much use I would have for it though.

Richard is wearing the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.