Ugh this guy.  Not super recent (late February), but I missed it right when it came out:

A nice A2 model.  Painful.  His full video with 29 Million views is up on facebook if you care to pop in.  Warning: it’s 6 minutes long, and very boring.  The comments hear the top of the post are all very positive… telling him how amazing he is and how “proud” people are of him.

Thoughts? Is Scott Pappalardo the hero the people don’t deserve, but need? 😂


haha Clint Smith always has a unique way of explaining things:

Classic Clint. haha


ahaahhahah for on the fly adjustments to your grip. Check out the video:

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I think the thumbnail I added to the post, sums this product up perfectly.

A mere $95 is the price tag, if any of you fine operators want to pick this up.  Beats not being able to adjust your grip I’LL TELL YOU WHUT.


Gat tip: the_halfbeard, moa_wearemoa


uggggggh haha:

From the video description “One Southern California man is doing his small part to help end gun violence.” 😂 cool story bro.  He’s so concerned that something in his house… his private domain “could become a part of another situation like that (mass shooting)”.

1:08 – “It makes me feel like I’ve been a small man, to have needed one of these”

Wait so how did destroying his personal AR-15 do a small part to “make things better”?  I’m not following.

Holy that guy is a piece of work.  Thoughts? I know some of you guys are going to be like “*smh* California” haha.


haha this man used 265 cans and a bunch of random stuff to make it:

Holy yea it’s a lot of work and requires a lot of equipment (some of it expensive), but such a cool DIY project.  *hits AR-15 grip vape and blows sick cloud*

The receiver looks really badass in the end… very no frills / tough.

Is YouTube trying to force me to get YouTube red?  I can’t even watch a 20 minute video anymore without an inline add or two being injected into it.  Annoying.



This is the type of thing that keeps me up at night:

Hmmmm… 🤔 I’m torn on that one.  I’ll have to give it some more thought.  I’m leaning toward the bottom one though, because it’s more anthropomorphic with the two arm like extensions, and a face area.

Any thoughts fellas?

Gat tip: AR15SafeSpace