It’s no lie, the Arabs do know how to celebrate:

come-thru-its-litTheir weddings looks so lit.  It’s all fun and games until someone catches a round though.  They cheated death in that 2nd video, but you get the picture.

Remember the amateur stunt drivers with the AK celebration too?  That was awesome.

Can you imagine how much Bloomberg and his moms would love it if we celebrated with AR-15’s like the Arabs do with AKs? Ahahha

Gat tip: Kyle

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Tricking celebrities into thinking they have been kidnapped by terrorists:

An English summary of the TV show:

Holy!!!! This is like American TV show Punk’d, but on a whole other level.   Although it’s funny to watch something like this happen to someone else, I can’t imagine it would be any fun to be involved in… especially with this show where the celebrity victim actually thinks they are going to die.

The show is called Ramez Desert Fox and is hosted by Egyptian Actor/Singer Ramez Galal.


Hat tip: Al