Dudes from NYC CNC gets it done:

I LOVE the NYC CNC YouTube channel.  So good… machining, Solidworks, and dicking around with electronics for days!

AR15-Sentry-Gun-ArduinoWhen I was in engineering we did something similar in MATLAB with a webcam recognizing things.  I remember not liking MATLAB and not liking that class at all, but I also couldn’t see the forest for the trees and apply it to potentially building a sentry gun.  Man… I could teach the old me so much about a lot of things. I’m so wise now.  I remember some of the guys in my group were really serious, and they didn’t like my suggestion of programming it to alert us via a siren when a girl walked into the Engineering building.  Back in the early 2000s there were hardly any girls in computer engineering…. Mechanical had more girls, but still the ratio was really off.  I hear now the ratio is evening up!

I’m looking forward to when he steps it up to .223 / 5.56 at long distance (not .22LR like in the video).


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Cool idea.  Unfortunately it’s only Paintball:

If someone wants to get on the news, they should do this with an AR-15 with shoulder thing that goes up and high capacity assault clip, randomly aimed at a field full of tannerite.

Tweet-Fire-Controlled-Paintball-GuniStrategyLabs is apparently going to post the code to their github once they get all the bugs out of it.  Could be a dangerous move haha.