She should damn well be able to shoot an UZI says range operator where the negligent shooting of an instructor took place:

The derp starts at around 3:14.  First off, 8 year old girls and 8 year old boys range in sizes.  I have no doubt some 8 year old girls weigh more than I do, but if were talking average I think it’s safe to say they are pretty small.

The 8 year old girl is so mature she had a “bucket list”.  What’s her dad’s ARFCOM username?  I want to check his post count.

The owner of the range does have a point though that this is definitely an isolated incident, and problems like this basically never happen.

shooting-targetSeems to me like the bottom line here is that not letting kids shoot guns would probably take a significant chunk out of his income.  If a kid dies every decade or an instructor takes a bullet every now and then, it’s all part of the risk.

I don’t really know what the answer is here.  I do think semi-auto is exciting enough for inexperienced kids who are just getting introduced to shooting.  If your kid is learning to drive, first thing do you rent or buy them a supercar?  Even if was affordable for you, probably not a good idea.



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Yep, you sure can talk to police (or anyone for that matter) this way if you want to:

I’ll probably grow tired of posting these sooner or later, because they basically are all similar give or take the attitude of either side.  The police in this one were really nice, they just had some questions.  Rather than just assert his right to not answer this guy decided to get smart with them though.  If he was legit on his lunch break and going for an armed late night stroll then I really do feel bad for him.  If he was trolling though like I suspect he was then I don’t feel bad because he got exactly what he wanted.

I can’t wait until someone gets a few pressure cookers and walks around armed and in front of a federal building with them, and after a million cops show up be like “OMG GUYS LEAVE ME ALONE.  I’m just out here waiting for my ride to a potluck, and it’s not a great area at night.  NO I’M NOT GIVING YOU MY NAME!  I HAVE RIGHTS!”. YouTube viral status… thank me later.

Troll-FaceThe guy in the video should have some beers with Leonard Embody… they would probably become BFFs instantly.   Leonard might be quite jealous though because as far as I know he’s never got a helicopter called on him yet.


Hat tip: Krystian


Bro do you even brandish?  This bro cop did:

Full Story – DailyMail

My-New-Haircut-broski-yaegerAccording to the article bro-brandisher Kyle McCartin was arrested and charged at the Pima County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Wow that’s what I call drunk.  I’m curious what will end up happening with the 23 year old… re-assigned to another department?  Slap on the wrist?  My guess is he doesn’t have too many friends in law enforcement yet considering he was only with the department 10 months.



The hipster reporter has a great time:

He broke hipster code and got excited. Looks like a damn fine shoot.  Anyone been to it?  How does it compare to Knob Creek?  So much NFA goodness…

I like the idea of blowing up that guy’s ashes at the shoot… that’s a heck of a sendoff.

LOL that Finnish Lahti L-39 20mm anti-tank rifle is awesome.



Get your Christmas picture taken with Santa and his machine guns next on December 10th:

The November 26th picture day was no doubt a huge success, and I’m sure December 10th will be even bigger.

I’ve never been to their facility in Scottsdale, AZ but I’d like to check it out someday.  Their retail website SGC USA is one of the few online firearms sites that doesn’t piss me off.  The main reasons being that they actually have things categorized properly, and they have several great high resolution pictures for every item.  Most sites think they can get buy with a single low resolution standard picture of a product, which I don’t think is acceptable in this day and age.

Trigger discipline was obviously stressed at the event, which is good to see.  Muzzle discipline to a lesser degree.  It’s pretty safe to say all of these are NOT loaded, but last thing we need is Christmas getting canceled because Santa took a negligent round.   OMG linked ammunition slung over their shoulders?!  But but he could just pop those into one of the guns and kill everyone! *eye roll*

Unsurprisngly there is a hilarious discussion going on over at the UK website DailyMail.

Thoughts?  Anyone near Scottsdale plan on taking their family to the December 10th event?

Hat tip: Matthew, Bryan, Lisa, Cameron H.