Royal Nonesuch back at it with the DIY… this time in the protection field:

As expected, one hit was pretty much the threshold for ceramic.

dragon-skin-armorPeople were making some good suggestions in the comments to line-x truck bedliner some plates together with an AR500 steel outer plate.  I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.  We know damn well that those nice looking “armor inserts” companies are selling for plate carriers are just cosmetically beautified easily obtainable materials like mentioned above.

That metal he used (plywood sheathing) was definitely as good as nothing.   Dude isn’t making dragon skin (hehe pictured left) yet… but Id give him some time and he’ll come up with a nice homebrew option like he always does.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Demolition Ranch trolls then tests:

When he was about to do the first test I was like Uhhhhhhhhhh.   I thought it was going to be camera tricks because he seems like an intelligent guy, so I’m glad he was just trolling.

I never thought about how hard armor could deflect bits and pieces into your body.  That really sucks.  Hopefully the plate carriers they go inside would be sufficient to slow down those pieces in order to prevent injury.

8:10 – “I’m not sure what this is… the guy I bought the shotgun gun from gave me a bunch of weird rounds” – hahha I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t touch mystery ammo.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Builders-Club9:54 – Holy those 7.62 armor piercing ones sliced through that like nothing.  Impressive.

10:25 – I was wondering if he was going to move his truck or not haha that could have been interesting.

Demolition Matt is wearing the ENDO Apparel AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt.



$150,000?  Yea maybe back in the 90s:

Those rims though.  That’s some Master P shit right there UHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  If someone gave that car to me, I’d push it so hard necks would be breaking as I rolled down the street.

Testing bulletproof glass and panels with a live person is so useless, but companies and people who appear to have nothing to lose insist on doing it.

Mercedes-s600-Bulletproof-TestI had a bunch of other posts I was going to link to here where people did stupid stuff with body armor and bullet proof glass, but big surprise all the videos disappeared off YouTube.

The guys in the video are from the car website The Smoking Tire.

Thoughts?  Do you think the claim of “bullet proof” physically needs to be backed up by a person?


It surprised me how much of the board making process was done by hand.  Seeing that guy operate the band saw and belt sander in freestyle mode made me cringe.  The end product looked pretty badass though (from a distance anyway). I’m assuming this hands on approach was just because it was a 1 of 1 and for promotional use only but I could be wrong.

Starting at around 4:24 they do a live action type thing turned out fairly cool.

6:00 – They throw some .45 lead at it with the Glock 21.  The snowboarder was quite surprised the armor actually stopped the bullets… he did say that was his first time shooting a gun but  I thought one would assume the vest would preform as intended considering that’s it’s job.

You can buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for $59 on Amazon if you’re interested.  It’s unsurprisingly the #1 best selling game on there right now.



This guy is eccentric, which makes him fun to watch:

An inventor from Northern Ontario, Canada who’s hell bent on constructing a RoboCop suit to make Canadian military troops invincible in war.  Here’s a glimpse of the saga of Troy Hurtubise – the man, the dreamer, the legend.

I love how his inspiration came from Robocop.  Interesting how he was willing to give the technology over to the Canadian government and they couldn’t care less apparently.  If what he has is as good as he says it is, i’m surprised some big American outfit hasn’t come knocking.  I’m glad to see he hasn’t given up.

There is a book and a movie about his work on Project Grizzly.

Thoughts?  Is he nuts, or does he actually have something?

Hat tip: Jay


The newest in extreme long range armor piercing ammunition:

Waiting to strike:

Because sometimes regular rounds can’t get the job done.  This is the absolute cutting edge when it comes to boutique dick humor rounds.

Vigilant Spectre is an early adopter (yea no surprise there, I know), and word on the street is Buck Yeager wants in on the action.

The ammunition is obviously not California compliant due to its ability to penetrate all thicknesses of every type of armor that has ever and will ever be made.

Hat tip: The Specialists LTD. 

If you want your own Deep Penetration Ammo give The Specialists a call at 212-941-7696, ask for Steve G. and mention you saw it on the ENDO blog so he knows what you’re talking about.  Don’t expect it to be cheap if you just want one, because it’s a custom job.  A nice addition to any collection though.  You can also request any additions/changes you want made; they were even talking about making the pictured prototype spring loaded! haha

No word on the ballistics of this round yet.