arms treaty

From Control Arms.. a global campaign for a universal arms trade treaty:

OH NOES A killing machine in the wrong hands?!  So exactly like a car? steak knife? drill? hammer? baseball bat? beer bottle? etc… etc…

0:27 – I love how they didn’t seat the magazine, just to make it look longer (more deadly). They should have just got a drum or a 45 rounder instead.

1:07 – “I can’t look at a gun without thinking of the gun runners who are responsible for the bloodshed and the communities destroyed…” – Sucks to be her… she must get pretty freaked out and get flashbacks around law enforcement and members of the military too.

This weekend, lets destroy all the guns and hold hands and sing Kumbaya.  It will really make the world a better place. :/

So what does a gun mean to you?  Do you like the idea of a global universal arms trade treaty (ha!)?

Hat tip: Kyle P.


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