Interesting history behind the “America’s army” game. I can see how it would be viewed as problematic when kids in their early teens are getting influenced.

8:30 – That mobile gaming truck is nice!

10:39 – “You can’t join the Army just to play video games. All the soldiers here have had other positions in the military. The esports team is only a temporary assignment.”

15:16 – LOL dudes in the Twitch stream asking about war crimes. Yikes.

VICE recently did another, different report on video games in the military  – used for combat training.

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Wow this is really well done.  Flex India flex:

Hmmm India operates!  Who knew?  (Naturally, most of you guys probably did know)

Great footage, fitting music… this has it all.  I don’t have much experience with Indian cinematography outside of watching ridiculous Bollywood stunting (good scene btw).

4:50 – Good to see they “knife hand” in India.

Interesting array of rifles… bullpups even!

10:20 – India has brass bandits!!! :P  That casing barely hit the ground and he was already directing it toward his stash.

11:09 – That’s a sloppy pushup tho.

Indian-Army-RecruitmentDefinitely all types of terrain in India.  Looks like a cool place if it wasn’t for the crazy amount of poverty.  I hear President Hillary Clinton has plans to make it the 51st state and fix all that though.  Facts only.

I want to door kick, have beers, and break (bend) naan with these guys.  Thoughts?

Gat tip: Griff


A project an Army mechanical engineer is working on:


At the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, or ARL, Dan Baechle, a mechanical engineer, is testing MAXFAS, a mechatronic arm exoskeleton, which is designed so that it could be used to train new Soldiers to reach shooting proficiency faster.  The problem he wants to correct is the same as the familiar effect, which happens when someone aims a laser pointer at arm’s length toward a board on the other side of the room, and notices a slight, but constant movement of the laser light on the board. The initial experiments showed that after subjects wore MAXFAS and then performed a shooting trial, the tremor that causes this type of shake was lessened, even after removing the device, he said.

Baechle believes the project, he has been working on for the last year, has a chance, because fatigue, involuntary tremors in the arm and difficult situations, like shooting under fire or shooting on the move, will continue to degrade shooting performance in Soldiers even as more advanced weapons technology emerges. (Source)

Interesting!  Yea I could definitely see how that would be useful.  Fun to try out too for us non military guys.  The amount of on-the-fly calculations this system must have to do to discern between actual wanted movement and tremors must be insane.  So many unknowns.  Last thing you’d want to do is have a servo restrict a soldier’s movement unnecessarily.  You don’t always get 2nd chances when you’re getting shot at.

So much of these new ideas are so emerging technology dependent.  Like, in “theory” this is amazing, until you realize that the servos currently needed aren’t that small… they need power to operate so there are batteries needed… Batteries don’t last forever… and on and on.

Thoughts?  Would actually operate with?  Worse case scenario I figure I’d pick one up to avoid cheeto eating fatigue while at the computer.  Nothing is worse than having to switch arms because your primary eating arm gets tired.

P.S. – Has there been any military feminist moment pushing to get the term changed to “Markspersonship?”  LOL ya I crack myself up.


VICE with another documentary:

The Army Cadet Force has over 46,000 cadets from the ages of 12 to 18, training in 1700 detachments all over the country. The super low-cost club evenings and training camps equip teenagers with discipline and skills in anything from orienteering and military knowledge to weaponry, first aid, and sports.

Training-UK-Cadets-For-CombatNote, I have no witty comments about this documentary because I am waiting until tomorrow to watch it.  Right now I only have one thing to say…. “ooooooh dat camouflage pattern”.

If I shouldn’t waste my time, please let me know in the comments.



OMG DERP DERP DERP the Army is looking at new handgun options… the streets will run red:


Full story at the Fiscal Times.

An actual quote from the beginning of the article:

There’s a new semi-automatic handgun on the horizon for the Army that U.S. consumers may have access to almost immediately. When that happens, America’s emergency rooms better be prepared for the carnage that’s likely to follow.

Get this lady a job in Hollywood, seriously.

Almost as good as the Derping Stone Magazine article about all types of guns being the top 5 most dangerous guns in America.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to this new (old but adopted probably) carnage gun as much as I am?

Hat tip: Vance


Pakistan army dangerous shooting skills demo:

If there is one thing I’ve learned, is that it’s necessary to endanger other people when you really want to prove your skills. Why aren’t more foreigners doing stupid shit like this on YouTube?  I should fly to some of these countries, sign a bunch of them to ENDO and make billions.  I’d bring my buddy Richard Ryan in on it and he could provide slow motion footage of them cheating death. I’m sure they would be willing to do ridiculous stuff with detcord as well which we could get footage of.

Pakistan-Army-Shooting-SkillsIs this type of practice Yeager approved?  I mean we live in a 360 degree world right guys?  Who knows when you might have to shoot a drone quadcopter that’s hovering just over your operator friend’s head?

Hat tip: TTAG